you are absolutely ridiculous

Published August 7th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

You are absolutely ridiculous and you are making a fool of this world!!!

Spaghetti wasn’t invented till the 12th century dumb-ass..


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  1. Aesi says:


    Humans created Spaghetti to honour the FSM. The FSM is so amazing, the only way we can describe him is as Spaghetti with meatballs.

  2. Steddyeddy says:

    Troy, Troy, Troy…

    It is not our place to make a fool of this world. But we do like exposing foolish notions.

  3. Shelldigger says:

    Right back at ya Troy!

    So…lets assume you would prefer some organized mainstream religion. First off, which one? They all claim to have the answers and yet not a one of them can agree on the specifics. Many do pretty much hold similar myths such as virgin births, Genesis creation with the 6 day thing (what a hoot) ummm people being turned into salt, or Jonas being swallowed by a whale for several days and not coming out as whale crap. Why dont you enlighten us as to what is ridiculous?

    For anyone to hold any of these beliefs, and come to this site and make claims of “ridiculousness”
    Id have to suggest a visit to your local therapist. Perhaps they can help you with your delusions.

  4. Dylan says:

    thats what you think.

  5. plumberbob says:


    We don’t have to make a fool of this world; it seems to be doing a fine job of that all by itself. However, anybody who posts on our website who hasn’t read and understood the Open Letter and the About Tab material, and who doesn’t understand the satire of our religion and the seriousness of our work to exclude religious mythology from public school science curricula, is proving to us all, their own foolish ignorance.

    See the comment of Southern Ptarmigan (tenth down on the comments section). Here is a Christian Evangelist who has this entire question in perspective:

    Do you believe whatever it is that you do believe in just because your parents, or priest, or minister, say so? What proof do you have that they are being truthful and accurate to you?


  6. eric the red says:

    Was that about the time the dinosaurs died out ?

  7. Adam says:

    Troy brings up an interesting question… What came first his Noodles, or his Meat?

    I stand on the side of meat for the following reasons:
    1. Meat with eyeballs have been around a very long time (See cave paintings in France)
    2. Balls of Meat left out for a few days begin to grow noodly appendages. (Young Noodles still have their fuzz)

  8. just-another-pastafarian says:

    No, we are quite serious and this world is foolish indeed.
    Spaghetti was most probably invented in China and brought to Europe in the 12. century.
    Sorry, no points!

    • Davidh Digman says:

      I suggest that China was invented by FSM as a great way for Him to rest His Noodly Appendages (and take a nice bath in some bolognaise sauce).


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