Published August 21st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


I was at work, contemplating on which deity to give my faith (since I have to believe in something, right). Being an atheist was boring. Wouldn’t ya know it, the sky-god lovers were right about something. Anyway, I was looking for a sign, and POOF (splat), there was his noodley goodness, manifest in the palm of my hand. Thank you, our loving dish, for touching me in such noodley loving fashion. I’ll no longer walk around lost in the sauce.

RAmen, Phyve

9 Responses to “splat”

  1. billybobknuckledragger says:

    This shows the FSM

  2. ATSAP REVOL says:

    Dear Phyve,

    Is that FSM poop, or some kind of lubricant or soap? I am always suspicious of anything that goes SPLAT in my hand (or on my head). At any rate, without a doubt, it is a sign from our Noodley Savior (or Savor ?). Your Salvation (or Salivation?) is assured. You are truly blessed!

    I think I may know your two brothers: Phor and Sycks.

    ATSAP REVOL, The Ichiban Wun

  3. billybobknuckledragger says:

    This shows the FSM is set on blessing many people. As far as I know, even Jesus has never shown himself in axle grease.

  4. daiuf says:

    well done on the whole fsm thing, and your right being an atheist does suck…

  5. L. Ron. Hubbard. says:

    Like… WOW!
    Clean you hands man XD

  6. Don says:

    What, it’s not HIM! Wait,it could be HIM. OMFSM!, it is him!
    Another MIRacle, he has shown his self to us again, just goes to show you that god is everywhwear (sic) if U will just keep looking for him.
    P.S. How do we know He is a He not a Her?
    Oh Yea, all gods are He’s. Sorry, I forGOD!~

  7. Darcy says:

    You are truly blessed to have received such a gift from our Savior. I would that the Savior would touch me as He has you.


  8. Phyve says:

    It was hand cleaner. I have total faith it was his way of telling me to wash my hands of any non-diety[sic].
    As for my sibs, Phor, and Sycks. I like to call them “meat-balls”. They hang out together, and support each other’s theories, much like Christians. Dig?

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