ok. it’s a deal

Published August 1st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

From Pieter:

I will join your religion and contribute to your fund only on condition that if I fail to get to heaven when I die, you promise to give me a full refund.

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  1. tris says:

    Which heaven do you mean? the FSM heaven, or the boring Catholic-christian one?
    If you want I guess we could put you on the gate to vet new entries, after all your name is (almost) Peter…
    BTW if (by some unlikely misfortune, such as being a fascist dictator, serial killer or paedophile) you DON’T get to ANY kind of heaven, will you really want a refund? Money burns up pretty quick in the other place, or so I’m told! Refunds will be the least of your worries…. You could give the money anyway, as a sort of insurance policy, it might even compensate for a bit of mild dictatorialism, serial killing or non-practicing paedophilia!

  2. RedDutchPastaWench says:


    Deal :)

  3. Madden says:

    I like that setup…

  4. Jbo says:

    Ok, but if you promise to ask for a full refund from whatever church you regularly go to on the conditions that you do not get in to heaven.

  5. CaptainMalibuNiki says:

    Sounds fair to me!

  6. Reggie Dixon says:

    That’s fair enough Pieter but Bobby will probably want to see all those sales receipts for the pasta.

  7. Darwinfish says:

    Of course you get a full refund. You never have to pay us anything anyway.

    Besides, nobody goes to pastafariain hell, except maybe real wankers like hitler. Stale beer and strippers with VD are more punishment than most deserve.

  8. hotclaws says:

    I certainly will
    may the Sauce be with you.

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