ok. it’s a deal

Published August 1st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

From Pieter:

I will join your religion and contribute to your fund only on condition that if I fail to get to heaven when I die, you promise to give me a full refund.

20 Responses to “ok. it’s a deal”

  1. James D the king of pirates says:

    Actually if you read the fine print we said that your old god will probably take you back, so dont blame us.

  2. St. John the Obvioust says:

    Regardless of whether the line is for beer or refunds, FSM’s is currently MUCH shorter than at competing religions. So act now if you prefer shorter waits and smaller groups in your imaginary afterlife.

    No purchase required. Box, Geiger counter, flask and poison available separately.

  3. FSMFTW says:

    Of course. If you do not get to heaven, come back and we shall give you a refund.

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