Kiva update 8/12

Published August 12th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Kiva update

Team FSM on Kiva is up to 707 members and $88,100 in loans. We are getting near our $100k goal.

What should we do when we hit $100k?

16 Responses to “Kiva update 8/12”

  1. anasazi says:

    idk, have a convention? …

  2. sxebill says:

    Buy a pirate ship! I mean a real pirate ship, made of wood with a crew and sails and everything. We would do our part to prevent further global warming while showing our faith to His Noodliness.

  3. Roger Nehring says:

    Go fer 200 K!!

  4. Fusillier says:

    Let’s have a party at Bobby’s place :)

  5. Nickbb9 says:

    YES! HAVE A CONVENTION! Or, put it towards the pirate ship!

  6. Jerbones says:

    Sacrifice a cow in the name of cheeseburgers … then sacrifice some grapes in the name of Wine…then for good measure sacrifice a Christian and a Muslim in the name of Common sense…

  7. Pirate Fitty says:

    I vote that once we reach the 100k goal, we set a new goal of 200k! (AND have a party!)

  8. Bootstrap says:

    Donate to an NGO in Darfur, ya know, a charity? I think His Noodlyness would be pleased with the niceness. It would ram one up the ass of the non parody religions, too.

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