iTunes visualization

Published August 11th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

While watching my itunes visualiser, I noticed His Noodliness continually forming and re-forming. Perhaps it had something to do with what I was listening to…


Abasi – Heirophant of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

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  1. ASAP REVOL says:

    Dear Dr. of Pastdivinity,

    Thank you for clarifying the meaning of the word “Heirophant.” Abasi obviously intended the definition you suggest.

    The parent word, Hierophant, was assigned to an order that taught the “Elusian Mysteries,” which are also known as the “Hexose Mysteries.” Starch is, of course, a polymer of the hexose called glucose. Spaghetti is composed largely of starch, hence the Hierophants were early carbohydrate chemists who established the nature of the Holy FSM, blessed be His name.

    As for wooly mammoths being extant, rather than extinct, I haven’t seen one in my neighborhood for some time, so I hereby declare them extinct. I believe they may have committed suttee upon the demise of the Republican Elephant.

    Dr. ATSAP REVOL, The Learned One

  2. Abasi - Hierophant of the FSM says:

    May the FSM bless you my fellow Pastafarians!

    I feel very humbled to be touched by His Noodley Appendage in this way. I believe he came to me in this chromatic form to remind me not to be totally entranced by Dawkins’ argument, seductive though it is, and to remember that the Spaghettidiety watches over us always.

    By the way, a “Hierophant” (which I spelt wrong originally…) is someone who brings people into that which is deemed holy, “an interpreter of sacred mysteries and arcane principles”.


  3. ATSAP REVOL says:

    Dear Abasi,

    Thank you for final clarification of the word “Heirophant” as used in your original post. To err is human; only the Divine FSM embodies perfection.

    You are indeed an Hierophant, revealing to us humble, huddled Pastafarian masses the true nature of our Noodley Lord and His colorful Holy Visage. May you be inundated with the crimson sauce of His blessings and the bulk of His balsamic balls.

    RAmen (*bows to the east and flatulates*)
    ST. ATSAP REVOL, Order of the Wooly Mammoth

  4. Laura Leane says:

    Perhaps His Noodleyness is trying to tell us something about Mr. Dawkins’ theories? Maybe there is more to his teachings than “meats” the eye…

    Sauced Be

  5. kedar says:

    mind blowing

  6. Schuyler says:

    Richard Dawkins is my hero. As a Unitarian Universalist Atheist converted to Pastafarianism, I must say that this is truly amazing.

    In fact, I just finished watching “The Genius of Charles Darwin” by Richard Dawkins and I ask everyone to watch it and refer it to your friends. It’s very witty and epic.


  7. Spoons says:


  8. dofollowdiver says:

    There are a lot of strange comments on here.

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