hi i have a few questions about your religion

Published August 2nd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

are you retarded? what drugs does your church of bullshit use? were you physically abused as a child, because honestly you are a fucking retarded piece for even remotely thinking your big pile of spaghetti created this earth. you all are fucking morons. i hope you all die because your religion is a waste of time and you all are all fucking stupid idiots

colin wilson

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  1. Wisp says:

    All your comments were well put. Except that one “Colin” chick’s. She wasn’t very smart, to put it bluntly yet still in complete and non-vulgar sentences. Oh wait, that was a guy?

    Ok, you’re right. That was completely rude and uncalled for here. I was insulting girls by calling that thing “Colin” one, and that was rather sexist of me. So what is it we call things like that “person” who whine about other peoples’ thoughts after being unaware of the ones that have been forced down his throat? I’d like to know if there’s a proper name for that, and I already know it’s not “sane”. Quotations.

  2. Apprentice Frederic says:

    Colin is very possibly an Evangelical who would send the same note, mutatis mutandis, to Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, etc., etc., etc. Or maybe he is a Baptist who’d send the same note to Evangelicals, Catholics, etc. ….or maybe he’s a….but why bother???? TheJosh (#17) is closest to right, I think, although Colin probably doesn’t bathe very often and even Pastafarian tolerance needn’t be unlimited….

  3. billybobknuckledragger says:

    hay their colin, i’s iz shur glad too see yoo on hear tellin them their frooty monster peeoples that theys iz stupit. i’s reckon jeebus is shur gunna be pissed. like it sez in da BY-bull, thous aint not a-loud too be warshiping ba-sketti. i reckon i shood tell yoo we changed tha meetin place fer tha beer chuggin kontest toonite, its now gunna bee at tha church rite after tha klan meetin ends. mah aunt mama sez she iz gunna show her boobies to who winz agin. i no how much yoo like seein them!

  4. Theo says:

    I still believe. I’m Touched. Hope you will be too, someday.

  5. Theov says:

    Hey. Where does this ‘kidding’ come from. And Irony, or Parody…. what the FSM Hell with strippers with STD. Do you have the evidence that He is not real? You blasphemers.

    Don’t tell me this is a parody religion, because I got really sick, then I ate his holy meal and then I was better again. Call me Touched.

  6. bobandcompany says:

    My, my what an ugly personality for someone who claims to be trying to help people. Have you ever noticed that anytime somebody questions the christian religion, they get hit with, gee were you abused as a child?? It’s as if they were trying to embarrass you into not asking questions. I mean, I am sure the
    christian religion would be fine if you eliminated a few things first..like pastors and other men of the cloth that molest children and/ or cover up the sexual abuse of children by their followers. and don’t bother to tell me it doesn’t happen. You would also have to get rid of the self serving hypocrites who dare to protest at veterans funerals, and of course the men of the cloth who work hard to part people from their money so they they can buy a new caddy …shall i continue???
    You see, I have nothing personal against you and I had nothing against the christian religion until my
    left arm was broken in several different places and i got a metal pin put in at the left elbow to hold
    everything together.. all thanks to a car accident at the ripe old age of ten. After this car wreck, i was
    told that i must have done something truly horrible to end up with such a deformity.. and this was from the pastors granddaughter who decided that she would be happy to take my confession and she harassed
    me about this for months until i simply refused to go back.. my then seven month sister was in the carseat beside me in this car wreck…unhurt. small price to pay
    i also object to church teaching that says that women are nothing more than walking wombs who should never question authority.. shocking

  7. jerbones says:

    How loving and christian of you to stop by and wish us all death and damnation…Peace be with you to brother or sister…


    PS … I dont know about the rest of these guys but I prefer hallucinogens such as Marijuana and Shrooms…every once in a while Ill shoot smack straight into my eyeballs…but that is only on Zombie Jesus day…

    Also…is it okay if we waste our own time…I think so…once again…peace be with you my angry christian friend

  8. Mat the OZZY says:

    Obviously colin, your parnts are Holier than thou biased morons who did not show you how to tolerate or even pretend to tolerate other religions.

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