hi i have a few questions about your religion

Published August 2nd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

are you retarded? what drugs does your church of bullshit use? were you physically abused as a child, because honestly you are a fucking retarded piece for even remotely thinking your big pile of spaghetti created this earth. you all are fucking morons. i hope you all die because your religion is a waste of time and you all are all fucking stupid idiots

colin wilson

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  1. StJason says:

    Fake. Someone who can spell ‘retarded’, ‘remotely’, and even ‘religion’, yet cannot find the shift key? Okay, fess up. Which of you posted this?

  2. Albert Yome says:

    How dare you, you intolerant infidel.

    I have issued a fatwa against you and will will be smothered in hot, saucy spaghetti for your sins!

  3. Jamuel says:

    Anonymous will have fun with this one. He even left his last name.

  4. Jesso says:

    See Colin… when saying you have questions about a religion then perhaps you should ask questions specifically about the religion. Here you are just asking questions about the followers.

    I am curious, however. Were you physically abused? You are just so angry at this church! Are you this angry at every religion? This leads to my next question. Are you Catholic? Perhaps an alter boy?

    As with every stupid moron who comes on this site and runs off at the mouth with no idea what he/she is talking about, I will refer you to the “About” section tab at the top of the page.

    Also, seeing as how you cannot even form a sentence using correct punctuation or grammar, I do not see how you can possibly call us fucking idiots. You can actually spell though. That is a first in the hatemail section. Congrats on that.

    I do not wish your death, but when you do die the gene pool will improve significantly. I do, however, hope that you are sterile. Then we would be right back to where we are now.

  5. Ron says:

    OK, this is either a fake, a troll, or simply pathetic. No matter, in any case it does not deserve to be placed in ‘Hate Mail’. This post simply is not worthy. We need some standards, here, people!

  6. ATSAP REVOL says:

    Dear colin wilson,

    Thank you for your sincere commentary on our religious paradigm. However, you need to get your CAPS LOCK key repaired, because we are accustomed to receiving such powerful writing in caps. Even so, your careful choice of words conveys a distinctly poignant message.

    I must take exception to two of your evaluations of our moral turpitude: “you all are fucking morons” and “you all are fucking stupid idiots.” Our high standards do not allow us to fuck either morons or stupid idiots.

    I sense a Freudian message concealed in those statements. You are definitely a “moron” and a “stupid idiot,” but we find you sexually repulsive and probably AIDS-ridden. I suggest that you broadcast your nasty invitation elsewhere. Maybe Ted Haggard can be tempted.

    Feeling your love (but from a distance),
    ATSAP REVOL, The Penultimate Pastafarian Pastor

  7. Sky Lukewarmer says:

    You will get your wish Colin we all will die and so will you!

  8. Lioss says:

    About drugs…Do you know that in the mountain where Moïse was given the commands there an hallucinogen plants which grows?

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