FSM Prayer

Published August 3rd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Truly, this be the way we Pastafarians must busy our hands when we pray.

The more fervent our prayers, the more wiggly must our noodly fingers be.


Bruce and Susan


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  1. st. pastabeard says:

    Well, it’s kind of a win-win situation. Bobby does a ton of work to merchandise the hell out of it, and we get to make a statement. Bobby makes a living, and we get an awesome t-shirt.

  2. Towbie Trueheart says:

    Absolutely love the prayer gestures. Will incorporate them into our daily rituals as soon as dinner is over (spaghetti, of course!) So happy I’m among like-minded souls! Pastafarians ROCK!!!

  3. Wil says:

    Well, you guys have convinced me. I was skeptical, but the fact that our hands make him proves it. Congrats people, and RAmen.

    P.S. While i’m thinking on it, Timotheus, can you conclusivly say that your choice of God exists? Thats the purpose of faith, man, the ablity to belive in something without proof. All these big religions say their God is the real one, but seriously, they can’t all be right. Like Bruce said, Grow up, grow a brain, and stop living in fear.

  4. robotulism says:

    Oh, man. That is pure genius! I am so pleased that one of us noticed the obvious staring us in our pasta eating faces. This totally made my day.

  5. Linguini pastarm says:

    But, isn’t praying against our flimsy moral standards?

    but, that is pretty cool. I will be showing this to my pastafarian friends.

  6. JKA says:

    RAmen Brother!!!

  7. Bruce (of Bruce and Susan) says:

    Linguini–personally, I’d like to think of this “praying” method as more of a demonstration than actual prayer. I thought it up when I involuntarily found myself, for the umpteenth time, sitting awkwardly in the middle of someone else’s churchy-type ceremony with nothing to do while everyone around me was bowing and exhibiting their own foolish hand-postures. Now, I too can finally fit in!

    Please also forgive me as I re-post the following from my page 1 comments for new readers:
    “My idea is that your prayer hands should start wiggling in your lap (the seat of All Things Great) and then slowly fly up into the air until they are high above your head, where they float gently from side to side. This provides an enlightening view of your beliefs to everyone behind you.
    (It also works great for making a shadow puppet of Our Noodly Master!)”

  8. Boston says:

    I had some pasta for dinner and I used your genius method! R’Amen!

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