FSM Prayer

Published August 3rd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Truly, this be the way we Pastafarians must busy our hands when we pray.

The more fervent our prayers, the more wiggly must our noodly fingers be.


Bruce and Susan


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  1. shreklover69 says:

    shrek is love shrek is life

  2. A Christian says:

    Yall need to get a life

    • SillyKiwiMan says:

      Got one, and seeing as it’s the only one I’ll have (until the beer volcano and stripper factory), I intend to enjoy it.

  3. The Spaghetti Monster says:

    I am proud of all you, my devoted followers. Never forget that you must stay vigilant in the race to pastafarian perfection. one day, you will all become one with my noodles in the eternal paradise of pasta sauce. keep strong with the way of the spaghetti. RAmen.

    • michael the devoted follower of the greatest religion says:

      how can i become a official member of the religion? i am all ready a MEMBER and want to be one with your noodles
      <3 michael

      • Rev. Wulff says:

        To be a member of the congregation, all we ask is that you treat your fellows with respect. We don’t have a dress code or take attendance or anything like that.

        If you want to spread the word, consider wearing a colander on your head, or something piratical, as that’s what His Noodliness likes to see.

        If you really want to step up your involvement, look at the orange banner at the top of your screen and click on the black button. At this level of commitment, you really want to invest in full pirate regalia, and should never leave the house without an eye patch.

        • Jo Switten says:

          Rev. Wulff, I have sent two pictures of sightings of our Beloved Noodliness! It would be cool to see them posted :)

        • Rev. Wulff says:

          Jo, I appreciate the thought, and would love to see them, but I have nothing to do with the running of this site. To the best of my knowledge, only Bobby can post new stuff here.

        • Jo Switten says:

          Thanks for answering, Rev. Wulff, let’s hope Bobby wakes up and posts the pictures! R’Amen :p

    • The Flying Spagetti Monster says:

      You are stupid to believe in some Spagetti monster God.

      • Dominic Santini says:

        Yes, it’s true that stupidity is to believe in a Spagetti monster God, because our only deity is the one and only Spaghetti God. The False Prophet (Mr. Henderson) is rebellious angel that has been cast out of Spaghetti heaven and is now spreading false rumours about a Spaghetti monster. Our true faith has been soiled by this demon! Seek the eternal truth – not the simple popular belief…

        • Rasputin says:

          The FSM isn’t really a monster. He’s cuddly and gooey.

    • theshrodingersoldatoffsm says:

      can we have anykind of sauce in the paradise?

      • Rasputin says:

        Yes, absolutely any and every sauce, providing:
        a) It’s a sauce you’ll enjoy and –
        b) No borched mesoms were harmed in its manufacture.

  4. Andrew says:

    Those who see with eyes of knowledge the difference between the body and the knower of the body, and can also understand the process of liberation from bondage in material nature, attain to the supreme goal. http://vedabase.com/en/bg/13/35

    One who can see that all activities are performed by the body, which is created of material nature, and sees that the self does nothing, actually sees. http://vedabase.com/en/bg/13/30


  5. crimsonchilla says:

    Sugar Glider’s are extremely social and bond naturally with their human owners.
    Not only that, but what happens is what is supposed to happen for that
    ferret. Children will love that Toffee the pony loves to be fussed over and pampered.

  6. Ryugen Siedris says:

    Can the noodle be consumed? Or is it too Ravi-holy to be consumed by man? Should I become a pirate first? Please, tell me!

    • bruce and susan says:

      Yes. No. Maybe.

  7. The Flying Spagetti Monster says:

    I have been touched by his noodely appendage

  8. The Flying Spagetti Monster says:

    lol this is a real religion? This is some stupid prank that too many gullible retards think is real. Spagetti is not God, it does not live. This religion was made by some idiot that was drunk. What is this crap.
    The guy who thinks this religion is blaspheme!

    • SillyKiwiMan says:

      You’re blasphemous!

      Nice work in completely missing our point by the way.

    • Keith says:

      So what do you believe in? Care to enlighten us? Why is this religion “blaspheme” (I assume you mean blasphemous)?

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