FSM checkbook

Published August 26th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


I was recently ordering new checks (who uses checks anymore?) when I noticed that my bank and most check places only had christian-related or lame spiritually-related checks available for order. This annoyed me and after some contemplation I had a eureka moment, though I’m inclined to think that I was nudged into this by his noodly appendage from above! So I grabbed an image from the most holiest of sites on his noodly web and went to the nearest custom checks facility on the web, i.e. the first one that came up in Google. The result is this marvelous creation which I’ve included for your enjoyment!


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  1. Pspaughtamus says:

    Yanno, if enough people hit the same custom check site with the same pic request, we might get something going, maybe one of the big companies would do a 4-scene rotation. I rarely use checks, but I’ll definitely use up what I have so I can order those!

  2. R says:

    I tried to do something similar with my debit card (after being inspired by what Bradley has done here). I got an e-mail back from compass.

    “We regret that we couldn’t accept the image you submitted for your Personalized Check Card as it doesn’t comply with our image guidelines. Please review the guidelines listed below and follow this link to try again.”

    I’m trying to figure out which guideline I violated…possibly the nudity one, but I cropped out the unmentionables for that very reason…

    Maybe the “Material /content demonstrating the views and/or opinions of political groups, religious groups or anti-social or socially unacceptable groups,” but then I wonder if they’d let someone put a cross on their card.
    Maybe I should try with a different image of the FSM, or the Jolly Fish.

  3. plumberbob says:

    @ 9 – wigglyfiggle – .

    You seem to have gotten lost somewhere between the Creationist Museum and The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican where the original of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam is safely painted on the ceiling. You’re definitely in the wrong art museum here.

    Why does ID seem so right to you?


    Are you collecting academic credit for trolling and posting here? Please read this, and then go trolling elsewhere.


  4. Andrew King says:

    one word: win

  5. billybobknuckledragger says:


    You should add (somewhere on the checks) words to the effect of “by cashing this check you are affirming your faith in the FSM as the one and only true deity.” Then write a check for a dollar (or some other chickenshit amount) and send it to one of those violent “family values” repub politicians.

    While a mischievous act as such may normally anger the FSM, I think He could look past this “sin”. After all, I spent all last night drinking lots of beer and looking at strippers. After such a holy act, surely the FSM can cut me a little slack?

  6. Laura says:

    Dear Wigglyfiggle,

    EFF OFF!!! We don’t come to your sacred places of worship and tell you how utterly incompetent you are! So leave us alone!

    Also, I don’t belive anyone mentioned that you should chose a “Real Religion” In case you haven’t noticed, this site is dedicated to the satire of religion. We are making fun of it, not participating in it. Hence, you are an incompetent a$$ hole.

    Another point I’d like to share: Michelangelo was a non-believer/heretic that painted for the Vatican as a means to support himself only. There are many counts of the allusions and symbology that he left in many churches as well as throughout the Vatican. So, get over yourself! Michelangelo’s would probably be full of pride if he was here today to see us use his art to stick it to the church!

  7. Jolly Roger says:

    Crikeys! You guys really flogged old Wiggleyfiggle with the proverbial wet noodle! A little charity, fellow pastafarians, for the ignorant blasphemer. Spread a little love and marinara sauce on behalf of the Great Noodly One! Really, WF, you did come off like quite the moron here, but there is forgiveness to be found in the meatballs so round, the noodles so squiggly, FSM can even forgive Wiggly(figgle).

    Jolly Roger

  8. Ken the Fitter says:

    Since this is my first time here, is there some ritual I have to go through to join this church? It really seems like my cup of tea, er, sauce.

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