pride parade sighting

Published July 10th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I have read about it for quite some time, but I never took Pastafarism too seriously – that is, until yesterday.

While marching on the LGBT pride parade, I noticed a strange figure within the multitude. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was, but then my boyfriend noticed it must have been His Noodliness. Indeed it was! His Noodliness had manifested himself to us, to make it perfectly clear that He supports gay people.

Both me and my boyfriend have been touched by His Noodly appendage, and have converted to Pastafarism!


-Pastafarian Fibonacci Prower

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  1. MadNotAngry says:

    Spiritual being on a human adventure, but lost, seeking if there is a God that loves me, or if God is Love (we keep hearing that, maybe it’s true). So far, my quest has shown me the Christian God is not the God that created and loves me, in particular because of His stance on Gays. I like to say “I’m raising buffalo over here – I have a Bi-son”. My child is Gay (okay, he insists; having never engaged in anal sex, he is merely Bi , not Gay – just so you know) When first held him in my arms, I knew he was a gift directly from a God, but, apparently, not a Christian Heaven. Presently, my quest has brought me here, and must say, there are aspects to the FSM that ring true to me. The Pirate part of the gospel is especially compelling. And heck, who doesn’t love pasta. Which returns us to God is Love!

  2. Sploogal says:

    I find it interesting that after the first wanky Christian put across their views, no more have come to his/her support nor has he/she posted a second time. They do tend to be cowards that way, so I’m not really surprised. The world must seem so harsh and forbidding to those not enlightened by His Noodly Ways. Perhaps we ought to pity these idiots.

    Nah, who am I kidding? Their God gave them free will. They CHOOSE to be small-minded bigots. Carry on with the smiting party. :)

    By the way “Annonymuss..gotit?”, you’re a big fat turd and I hope that somebody who is also afflicted with your religion steps on you. *blows raspberry at you for being so turdy*

  3. Richard Wolf VI says:

    Heh, thanks for posting the pic. Fibo and I have strengthen our faith in the Holy FSM, for which we knew we had His support aver since. rAmen!

  4. Garrick McElroy says:

    I might be there! I’m not 18 and I don’t have a well paying job… So maybe! I’ll try!

    Hugs and kisses

  5. Hikari says:

    Win. Simply win.

    To fill in a bit of the details, while I try to not pop anyones bubbles:

    The photo is a really good angle of a walking advertisement for “Theatron”, the biggest club in colombia (Biggest Gay club in latin america, Second biggest club in latin america). There were alot of them around the float. I dunno who decided to advertise with tube ballons (I mean, it’s such a non-phallic item…).

    Speaking as a person who’s read the word (Gospel of the FSM), It is very clear to me that those who know the true message of the Spagheity are present, to them I say: Ok, seriously, enough with bashing Annonimous. Rationally bashing a bigot is good. Over kill a subject till absolutely everyone has had a turn bashing him while he clearly hasn’t appeared since is bad.

    Finaly, I wish to thank Fibonacci for seeing what I failed to see in the midts of the celebration. Trully, we stand in right if his noodly apendages guide our acts.

  6. bicadian says:

    ATSAP REVOL, “bible bigot” isn’t a new term:


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