pancake connection

Published July 15th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

During a failed attempt at making pancakes, I feel sure He revealed himself to me. The flour/egg connection was by no means overlooked.


I had never thought about the flour/egg connection. Very true, and that would explain the other pancake sightings. Well done Jimlad.

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  1. Amaterasu says:

    I’m sure you would have had success with making spaghetti! He has shown you the way!

  2. DreddPyrateRoberts says:


    His noodly goodness asserts itself in all things starchy! Glory! glory! and praise the pesto!



  3. Mean Mr. Mustard says:

    Be true to your one true god, the wise and all knowing Flying Spaghetti Monster dispensing his wisdom and knowledge in truly humble surroundings.

    For the one true Spaghetti Monster is humble and the proof of him is around us everywhere. All you have to do is believe and seek the truth and he shall reveal himself in all his glory.

    Here is proof before your very eyes! Proof!

  4. Ducky Von Spartenhoffer says:

    It reminds me somewhat of a delerious goose that has unmistakenly flown into the turbine of a jet engine. BUT! Upon closer inspection it appears to be our Noodly Wise One! He has once again appeared himself in his pancakely embodiment! Praise the Merciful Sauce!

  5. King Mob says:

    Not to dismiss the views of my fellow Pastafarians, but to me I belive it looks like the Evangelion “character” Sandalphon – http://mechafans.com/upload/112-angel-8-sandalphon-b.jpg. Perhaps there is a noodley link here as well? (The FSM of course allows for no “coincidences” on this meatball we call Earth. All things are connected through Noodle Theory – or String Theory if you’re one of /those/ people.)

  6. me says:


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