Ok people really?

Published July 25th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Ok people really? im not trying to discriminate anyone who beleives this but this is bullshit. Whoever created this sight is obviosly a smart man and an even better buissness man but this is fucking retarded.
1.Spaggetti was created in the 9th century. PEOPLE created spaggetti in ITALY. So how is Spaggetti creating shit that created it? Everyone who beleives this i am sincerely sorry you beleive this shit and i hope you do whatever makes you happy and one day you will find the one true lord god.


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  1. Brian says:


    Present homo sapiens came into being only @ 100,000 years ago. How could a homo sapiens by the name of jeebus creating things that created it?

    Nice try. Apply your logic to your “lord.”

    Invisible sky fairies creating everything has as much validity as the FSM does.

  2. Jerbones says:

    Yawn…please we need a different hate…please bring your hate to the next level…bring your A game or go home…BWAHAHAHA

  3. zinc alloy says:

    Can I just ask Bobby if it would be at all possible to ignore pointless, dull, backward hatemail like this?
    I know there must be plenty of very intelligent skygod lovers out there who could more than hold their own in a goood argument. We really need them to join in otherwise it’s gonna get real boring.

  4. Rand Hobart says:

    These are the same people who start wars over fuck all and shizzle…

  5. pTER says:

    Just think for a moment. What if Pastafarianism had been around for these couple thousand years, and is totally established as the dominant religion. And then along comes this new religion called Christianity with a totally boring god, and a totally boring religion, and a totally boring heaven.
    Also, people had to come up with the idea of God too. And if you can think of something to counter that, where did he come from? I mean he can’t just be there wasting away infinitely and all of a sudden come up with the idea that he will create a planet with totally messed up creatures called Humans that are violent, sexist, racist, and a long list of other things (in his image).

  6. Sam says:

    Seriously? Almost no one believes in this. They’re just doing to make fun people like you who believe that an old fart lives in the clouds.

  7. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    Why is it always I hope that you do whatever makes you happy, but in the end you need to find happiness my way. Jesus, you sound like my mother…

    I hope that one day you can find happiness on your own.

    In Peace and Sauciness,

  8. Princess Psycho says:

    Really Bobby the quality of hate mail is really poor, could you get someone who actually can spell. I mean it is not much but a searing inditement of the education system that a semi-literate can send hate mail but that they should be able to grasp basic grammar too.

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