Ok people really?

Published July 25th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Ok people really? im not trying to discriminate anyone who beleives this but this is bullshit. Whoever created this sight is obviosly a smart man and an even better buissness man but this is fucking retarded.
1.Spaggetti was created in the 9th century. PEOPLE created spaggetti in ITALY. So how is Spaggetti creating shit that created it? Everyone who beleives this i am sincerely sorry you beleive this shit and i hope you do whatever makes you happy and one day you will find the one true lord god.


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  1. Referencegirl says:

    According to the National Pasta Association…

    Popular legend has it that Marco Polo introduced pasta to Italy following his exploration of the Far East in the late 13th century; however, we can trace pasta back as far as the fourth century B.C., where an Etruscan tomb showed a group of natives making what appears to be pasta. The Chinese were making a noodle-like food as early as 3000 B.C. And Greek mythology suggests that the Greek God Vulcan invented a device that made strings of dough (the first spaghetti!).

    Pasta made its way to the New World through the English, who discovered it while touring Italy. Colonists brought to America the English practice of cooking noodles at least one half hour, then smothering them with cream sauce and cheese. But it was Thomas Jefferson who is credited with bringing the first “maccaroni” machine to America in 1789 when he returned home after serving as ambassador to France.

    The first industrial pasta factory in America was built in Brooklyn in 1848 by, of all people, a Frenchman, who spread his spaghetti strands on the roof to dry in the sunshine.

  2. Buffy says:

    I always love when one of the godphuqut proclaims from his throne that the beliefs of others are ridiculous.

  3. hotclaws says:

    I do discriminate against illiterate fools.If your God is so good,how come you can’t spell?
    may the Sauce be with you

  4. Dr. Noodle says:

    Sigh. At least he had the decency to capitalize His name, even if he can’t spell it…

    Eli, if you dismiss everything The DreddPyrateRoberts wrote, please at least take his suggestion that your use of the English language could use some brushing up. I believe that comment was sincerely meant to help you better yourself. There’s a free website that helps with syntax, grammar, and overall sentence construction at http://www.FuckShitFuckingFuck.org/Bullshit/FuckingFuckFuck/RetardedBullshit – check it out Eli, help is out there!
    ~ rAmen ~

  5. billybobknuckledragger says:

    hay now yoos peep poles shood bee nise two that there eli feller. him en that there tayler feller shur doo bee soundin purdy smardt fellers! thays sound likes theys iz frum tha south like mee and ever budy no’s that us suthners iz tha smardest peep poles in tha hole world cuz we’s beeleeve in jeebus cuz its in da BY-bull! and iffin yoos ain’t not beeleevin in da BY-bull yoos is jist stoopit cuz tha BY-bull iz proof that jeebus is reel! an it is proof that god hates gays, joos, chicks, non-‘Markins, non-gun klingers, librils, blacks, peep poles hoo uze kondums an ever budy who aint not bee likin’ nascar cuz its tha great ist sport uf all time. its in da BY-bull! i’s betcha yoos monster peep poles iz stoopit two fer yer frooty beeleifs

  6. plumberbob says:

    @ -Eli,

    Since your letter shows that English is not your native language, I’ll just copy in a note I sent to another of your illiterate friends. Read the link material, and read the Open Letter, and read the About tab material.


    If your knowledge of Hebrew is good enough that you can read that always mis-translated, and often mis-quoted book that you keep thumping, please come back so that we can discuss it. Otherwise, please take your uneducated self off to some website that appreciates your studied prideful ignorance.

    Check the comments of Southern Ptarmigan, a rational and educated Christian Evangelist (tenth down on the comments section):


    Please note that you believe whatever it is that you believe only because it is what your parents, or priest, or minister believes:



  7. Josh Rrrr says:

    I think that if people accept both the claims of the “Ape-men” who believe that people (i.e. Homo sapiens) appeared around 300,000 years ago, and the claims of the “Jesus-men” that some non-FSM god made people in his own image, then we can see that Eli’s mis-informed claim that people “created” pasta in the 9th century (even though he may mistaken on his times and geography) is evidence that our god, the FSM, did a lot better job of disguising Himself from us. His divine Pastaness could have revealed Himself earlier, but those people who had faith in Him prior to the revelation truly enjoy the best beer and strippers for their great devotion to His yet-to-be-published doctrine.

    See, Eli, we can use history for argument too!

  8. Nathan says:

    Eli, your a fucking reatrd I just have to say. For one, spaggetti was created in China, not Italy. Second of all, mabey it was just that the Flying spagghetti Monster wanted to show himself in the 9th centurty, like you christians think Jeasus did. Face it, both of you are a load of bullshit.

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