Ok people really?

Published July 25th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Ok people really? im not trying to discriminate anyone who beleives this but this is bullshit. Whoever created this sight is obviosly a smart man and an even better buissness man but this is fucking retarded.
1.Spaggetti was created in the 9th century. PEOPLE created spaggetti in ITALY. So how is Spaggetti creating shit that created it? Everyone who beleives this i am sincerely sorry you beleive this shit and i hope you do whatever makes you happy and one day you will find the one true lord god.


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  1. Michael says:

    “1.Spaggetti was created in the 9th century. PEOPLE created spaggetti in ITALY.”

    Spaghetti was just one of many steps in the long way of society trying to remind people of His image. Pasta itself is much older. First of it probably appeared much earlier than its inventors were able to write down the fact and the recipe, – ie, before any Bible. Date and place of its invention is still a matter of speculation. Read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pasta for more details.
    People were trying to cook pasta from the very start, as a token of respect for the image of their gracious creator the FSM. But there just was no proper technology to do this in most ancient times.

    And there’s another question: is creation of pasta really a reason of which creation of FSM resulted? To me, it’s equivalent to this one: creation of first human preceded creation of God. Would you believe this?! I doubt any of your siblings of faith would appreciate such logic, Eli.

  2. Albert Catlekeeper says:

    spaguetti is way older than 9th century and wasnt created in italy so if you have someone to call dumbfuck or whatever you want, its you.

    it went from CHINA to italy. italians stole china’s concept and changed the ingredients of the pasta.

    ur also assuming religion matters.

    christians are superstitious atheists that are such cowards they are afraid of something like hell.

    so what if i dont want to burn for all eternity. if any god existed, he wouldnt have made me the way i am. unless he was me i sure woulda made atheists just for the kicks.

    with that in regard i prefer a fun religion like FSM than religions which spread hate and war and forget their own ideals.


  3. Erica says:

    Here’s the thing.

    The Bible wasn’t invented until around 70 AD. PEOPLE invented it.

    So by your logic, Jesus didn’t exist, and neither does God, because the book that represents him was written AFTER the fact.

    Congratulations on proving yourself wrong.

    I love theists who answer their own questions.

  4. Lauren says:

    I before E except after C. Just a tip.

    Being a religious studies major has made me more unreligious than ever. Well, except that I’m a recent convert. Being a Pastafarian has changed my life. It can change yours too, if you read this pamphlet…

  5. MartelAxe says:

    wtf i guess we are losing the point here, the point of this hate mail is to laugh at stupid coments like this one, wtf why u all are insulting this dumby person come on it is better to laugh at him what would say our FSM at this

  6. Foucault says:

    This comment is my favorite. “How is spaghetti creating shit that created it?” I don’t know. Maybe spaghetti is at the nexus of the universe. Something has to be.


  7. Logan says:

    I think you mean R’Amen

  8. pastafarian341 says:

    The FSM whispered the idea of spaghetti into a mans consciouness, it was always a possibility to be made. Unlike god, the FSM made spaghetti in his image, not man.

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