Ok people really?

Published July 25th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Ok people really? im not trying to discriminate anyone who beleives this but this is bullshit. Whoever created this sight is obviosly a smart man and an even better buissness man but this is fucking retarded.
1.Spaggetti was created in the 9th century. PEOPLE created spaggetti in ITALY. So how is Spaggetti creating shit that created it? Everyone who beleives this i am sincerely sorry you beleive this shit and i hope you do whatever makes you happy and one day you will find the one true lord god.


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  1. Jesso says:

    Find the one true god? Did you lose him? Where did you see him last? But just so I am clear. You first said that MAN created god in Africa. But then you tell us to find the one true lord? If man created god, then doesn’t that mean god doesn’t exist? And we can’t find something that doesn’t exist. It does seem like an extreme waste of time to search for the one true god since he doesn’t exist. So, sorry, we won’t be able to look for him. But we wish you happy hunting!

  2. Smile says:

    I find it fun that people are so pissed off about this. I’m a Christian and find this funny but I’m not going to yell at people. Plus, it’s obvious why this group was started (no, not to make God believers mad). Come on people, let them have their fun, if you want to convert them don’t tell them how stupid this is! (it’s smart if you think about the background of why pasta god was made)
    Besides, cussing.. really.. you’re showing yourself to be a bad christian.

    Peace, Love, and Happiness
    don’t forget acceptance.

    I love pirates too!!!


  3. plumberbob says:

    @ – Smile, #170,

    You too seem to have not read the Open Letter and the “About” tab material as you were so carefully instructed when you entered this site. Our purpose is to vigorously defend against the inclusion of religious mythology, disguised as Intelligent Design, in public school science curricula.

    I believe that all facets of religion were created by and for people, and that religion is an attempt by people to answer cosmic questions using the best knowledge and data that were available at the time. In the lives of all religions, it seems to have been standard practice for the clergy to define orthodoxy and enforce dogma for the exclusive advantage of said clergy. Whenever some body questions or up-dates the dogma in any way, it is always fought fiercely by the clergy. See: Rome vs Christians; The Inquisition; The Reformation; Galileo; Science. There is not one example of a peaceful transition in the religious world.

    Please remember that our mythology is no more and no less true, or valid than is your mythology or any other sect’s mythology.

    Try meditating on this observation by astronomer Carl Sagan:

    “How is it that hardly any major religion has looked at science and concluded, ‘This is better than we thought! The Universe is much bigger than our prophets said, grander, more subtle, more elegant. God must be even greater than we dreamed’? Instead they say, ‘No, no, no! My god is a little god, and I want him to stay that way.'” – Carl Sagan


  4. WAHEYY!!!! says:

    Can I just say, that a true christian would believe the earth to be 6000 years old and also his noodliestness allowed the Italians to “invent” ;) spaghetti by cutting off an appendage, so now he is in all of us :) Final point, those slices of bread of whatever at church u eat are supposed to part of jesus, his skin or summat the sick fuck haha but yeh so we are eating part of our savior. Answer that bitches.
    Love Pastafarian Bartonnnnn

  5. Ben says:

    This has probably already been said, but Jehovah/Yahweh was created by the semitic peoples in around 1200BC, so how can you claim that J/Y created mankind?

  6. pitoull says:

    hello everyone… I think the whole point of The Church of the FSM is freedom of choice. I can’t get into a Jew website and start saying that their god is bullshit[sic] ‘cos I’d be antisemitic. I’m a non practicing catholic, recently touched by His Noodly Appendage. Why¿¿ Because most of you so called Christians and Catholics are forgetting the one true lesson that Jesus taught(the only one that was worthy at least). Love everyone!! But you can’t love everyone, instead you hate everyone who disagrees with you, and that just sucks. I find the 8 I’d Realy Rather You Didn’t s more meaningfull than any other code of conduct. And I find your religion and your hatred as pure hypocrisy, then again you all are!!

    RAmen my fellow pastafarians…

  7. Frederik says:

    And people CREATED “God” in the 1 century AD whats his point?

  8. Trevor says:

    Obviously, italians are sacred mediums between the FSM and the physical world. Ifi you can’t accept that fact, then fine, but just don’t expect to drink from the beer volcano in heaven. R’amen.

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