Ok people really?

Published July 25th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Ok people really? im not trying to discriminate anyone who beleives this but this is bullshit. Whoever created this sight is obviosly a smart man and an even better buissness man but this is fucking retarded.
1.Spaggetti was created in the 9th century. PEOPLE created spaggetti in ITALY. So how is Spaggetti creating shit that created it? Everyone who beleives this i am sincerely sorry you beleive this shit and i hope you do whatever makes you happy and one day you will find the one true lord god.


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  1. Bobert says:

    Why does everyone think that the Italians invented noodles?

  2. Guillaume says:

    Funny How this hate mail could be sent back t the sender remplacing “spagetti” (praise the noodly lord) by “god” and “9th century” by “1st century”.

    May they be touch by he’s noodly appendage.

  3. hepickedatus says:

    Fair enough, but Christianity was created in the 1st century and Judaism several centuries before that so how can the God the Jews created in their own image and the Christians coopted have created the universe.

  4. the spaghetti monsters son says:

    dude, the spaghetti monster made spaghetti as to give us a smaller representation of himself for us to worship, and you can’t really say god exists, we have science and visual prof on our side, plus all religions are correct, because the spaghetti monster made them all, duh, the spaghetti monster made them all to put us off the trail.

    and well if you can except them I’m going to take you to spaghetti court, and call his holiness to judge you and your religion,

  5. lets enjo!y life says:

    so u think its pathetic to believe in a spaghetti monster huh?
    well, have u ever thought about that the “one true lord god”
    that everyone admire is an old man that lives in heaven, haha..
    how weird isnt that? and yo, dont take it so seriously, cuz there
    is one thing we all know (or should know at least); we r here to have
    fun and enjoy life! we all do it in different manners but thats what everyone
    should endeavor. I dont understand how people can live in this society
    with the same boring routines every single day.. everything is apparently bout
    status and to “succeed”. oh yeah, thats great! i “succeeded”, im a f**in society
    robot that goes to work everyday and do what the fat ol’ guys at the top tell
    me to do, yay.. one day i’ll be at the top, thats my dream! please dont take this wrong
    but i think religion was created cuz some guys wanted more power than they already had.

  6. FlyingPasta1001 says:

    All right, Eli, let’s try that again. (This time with kindergarten-level or higher grammar, spelling, and intelligence.)
    OK, Eli, really? I’m not trying to discriminate against anyone who believes this, but this is bullshit. Whoever wrote the Bible is obviously a smart man and an even better business man but this is fucking idiotic. [I refuse to use the word “retarded” because I’m guessing the developmentally disabled would find it insulting to be associated with people like you.]
    1. The Bible was written in the first century. PEOPLE wrote the Bible in the MIDDLE EAST. So how is the Bible humans made telling us how God made us AND wrote the Bible? All Christians and other theists, I am sincerely sorry you believe this shit. I hope you do whatever makes you happy, and one day you will find the one true lord the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
    P.S. Normally, when people start a list with number one, you would expect a number two.

  7. Jesus says:

    Bobby Henderson needs a life!
    How dare he judge me for my FSM worship! There are PICTURES of my god!

  8. Keith says:

    I would just like to point out that Beer and Strippers predate Christianity. As both are an integral part of FSM worship (admittedly the beer was more of a fermented sludge) I would hazard a guess that the Church of FSM is actually older than Christianity.

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