Kiva Update 7/28

Published July 28th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

We’ve past the $80k mark – well done, Pastafarians. Only $20k to go to reach our $100k goal.

Current stats:
Number of Team Members: 584
Number of Loans: 2320
Total Amount Loaned: $80,425

Team member Susie’s FSM Plushie ebay auctions raised more than $360 for the Cause.

Here are a few of the most recent loan requests:

  Tuvshinbayar Myanganbuu is 23 years old and lives with her parents in Arhangai Province, one of Mongolia’s central provinces. She has a small retail business selling clothing. With her business…
  Fazil is married and has 2 children. He was born in 1956. He is an Internally Displaced Person (IDP) from the Armenian-occupied territory of the Azerbaijan Fuzuli region, now settled in Fuzuli…
  Miguel Ángel Estrada is 29. He sells used furniture, a business he started with his father using savings. Now he works on his own and sells furniture and various products in a resale store for…

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9 Responses to “Kiva Update 7/28”

  1. Fiona says:

    Looking forward to getting my plushie for work!

  2. Tom Estes says:

    This is the most ridiculous blog I’ve ever seen.

  3. zinc alloy says:

    Just added my 6th loan.
    I was gonna wait until i had enough in the payback column but damn if I didn’t just sink a lovely bottle of Rioja and then go onto Kiva. You know the rest.

    Still, it’ll be worth it in the end for the cold beer alone.;-)

    I know all the followers of the FSM are so incredibly handsome, beautiful, funny and intelligent that reaching our 100k goal will be no problem at all.

  4. zinc alloy says:

    I’m back again. Sorry to bore you all but I just love Kiva.

    I was thinking the ebay auction was a great idea.

    What’s to stop us from selling any old junk we don’t want on ebay and then putting the money straight on to Kiva under the FSM group?

    It’s a great idea.

    What you don’t want you won’t miss and as the FSM said ‘it’s easier for an idiot with a garage full of unwanted junk to get through to a mobile phone helpline than it is for a Kiva member to get to the beer volcano’.

  5. zinc alloy says:

    Now I’ve just added loan number 7 and 8.

    I really need to stop drinking.

    But the good news is my very best Friend, Nik, has agreed to start loaning too.

    He’s loaning in the name of Michael Jackson. And why not?

    All my loans are in the name of Marc Bolan. A natural Pastafarian.

  6. Low Level Or says:

    …Wait, did we get this much money, or give it away?
    Don’t we need that for our pirate ship?

  7. RedDutchPastaWench says:

    I guess these people matter more than a pirate ship. It would be cool to have one, but even cooler to be able to really help people with some spare cash!

    I just joined and made three loans. Maybe I’ll add another next month with some of next months spare cash :)

  8. karina says:

    made the news! http://content.usatoday.com/communities/religion/post/2009/07/68495858/1

    and i have made 2 loans because i was touched by his noodley appendage!


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