I am a practicing Roman Catholic

Published July 3rd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I am a practicing Roman Catholic. And I am also 13 years old. I was on Yahoo Answers and found a question about “The Flying Spaghetti Monster” So, I clicked on it. I probably shouldn’t have but when the link finished loading, I almost cried. Its hard enough for me to have faith in God already, I’m the type of person who needs to have things proven to them, but I just found your site… Disgusting for lack of a better word. I also heard that you made this site because you wanted to get back at the Kansas School Committee or something. I am hoping and praying that this is a true fact, and that you really don’t believe in this. I know this is wrong of me to say. People should believe in whatever they want, but really, looking at some of the articles that you have written, It seems that your site is more of an “In your face” thing to the Christians saying “Haha, we can make a religion just as easy as you guys can, see how stupid it is now?” For example ‘Your just jealous that our god has bigger balls then yours’? Excuse me for my language, but thats just crap, again, for lack of kinder terminology.
Even so, if you made this as a joke, or something to pass the time, that doesnt mean everyone else sees it that way. I mean, come on, you have a majority of collage students believing in this, and hopefully they’ll see how stupid (excuse me for saying that, im just trying to tell you my opinion without criticizing you further then everyone else already has) this all was, and that they may want to rethink their ways, that maybe you’ve gone a little too far?
I relize this all probably sounds silly from a 13 year old, but please take this into consideration…. If this whole thing is not a joke, im sorry, but if it was bobby… Thats kind of sad.


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  1. myjaspercat says:

    It really isn’t so hard to believe that a 13 year old wrote this letter. They aren’t all stupid. I was like that when I was like that when I was 13 too. So she (I assume Erin is a feminine spelling) spelled college wrong. Does it matter? It’s a common mistake. And just because she finds it difficult to believe in her religion doesn’t make her religion bad. It makes her a logical and probably scientific person. I’m not Catholic, but I won’t knock down people’s religions just because I don’t belive in them. This really does seem like something a 13 year old would write. An intelliegent and civil 13 year old, that is. Erin is intelligent, and respectful in her disagreement. That being said, it’s too bad such maturity should go to waste- considering Erin’s slight closed-mindedness toward the subject of religion. Maybe she doesn’t understand the satirical look at religion. I’m christian and I can appreciate pastafarianism. Maybe she’ll come back in a couple years and get it.

  2. yalls need to chill out says:

    kids got spirit ill give her that, and metaphoric balls.

    “I’d really rather you didn’t act like a sanctimonious holier-than-thou ass when describing my noodly goodness. If some people don’t believe in me, that’s okay. Really, I’m not that vain. Besides, this isn’t about them so don’t change the subject.”

    ^^^most of you kids replying are mildly displeasing the FSM

    chill out, and RAmen

  3. Liam says:

    Erin, full heartedly believe in the flying spaghetti monster, and can’t see why other people don’t. He has much more evidence backing him up, most religions have a book with stories in it, we have a book with facts! Don’t worry though, I’m sure the flying spaghetti monster will let you into heaven, you just won’t be first in line for the beer volcano and the stripper factory
    PS: Humans share 95% of their DNA with monkeys, but we share 99.9% of our DNA with pirates! Aaargh!

  4. FSM supporter says:

    “Its hard enough for me to have faith in God already”

    My dear Erin, faith is not meant to be difficult, it’s just meant to be what you believe in.

    “I’m the type of person who needs to have things proven to them”

    Hmm I can’t think of any religion that has solid proof, Pastafarianism seems to have alot of evidence though…

    “hopefully they’ll see how stupid (excuse me for saying that, im just trying to tell you my opinion without criticizing you further then everyone else already has)”

    Well you could of tried a little harder love, you could of said many things instead of stupid. I believe that misguided is the most popular term used by concerned citizens.

    Finally, next time you’re on the web search catholic on yahoo, you might find a website more to your own liking that way.


  5. Mo says:

    Seriously, if this person is 13… I am a heterosexual man and having an affair with Courtney Cox…

    (Just to clarrify, neither of those things could ever be possible)

    rAmen to that…

  6. Devotchka says:


    You seem like a very bright young woman. You say it’s hard enough for you to believe in god. I respect you for that because you clearly don’t just accept what you are told.

    Your comments about the ‘ha ha, in-your-face’ attitude were well aimed. I think some of us are guilty of that from time to time. This criticism is a good one, much better than the generally mis-spelled and incoherent ones of adults. You really made me think about my attitude. Condescension is awful. I think the point of the Spaghetti Monster is to point out that believing in a sky-god is irrational. But if I were a Catholic like you I’d probably say to myself ‘well, I don’t put such an emphasis on rationality as you. There are more important things.’ …and I can’t see a way round that argument. Just remember that this is a space for debate. I don’t hate god, I just don’t believe in him. I don’t hate you…or think you are a fool, I just disagree with you.

    By the way people, what’s with thinking that she’s not thirteen? Give young people some credit – they’re not all x-box zombies!

    Yeah, that’s a good conclusion. Belief in god: irrational but not stupid.

  7. Salinda says:

    Your faith concerns me.

    Kid, you are already circling the drain. If you want things proven to you, get into science. Its a lot more fun, a lot more awe-inspiring, and you dont have to feel guilty for being a human being. Trust me on this, the longer you believe, the harder you will beat yourself up. And if you don’t like science, try having sex instead. I’m serious, its good for you! Always wear a condom!

    Sincerely, Salinda

  8. Ryan says:

    Chill, please…it’s not a big deal

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