I am a practicing Roman Catholic

Published July 3rd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I am a practicing Roman Catholic. And I am also 13 years old. I was on Yahoo Answers and found a question about “The Flying Spaghetti Monster” So, I clicked on it. I probably shouldn’t have but when the link finished loading, I almost cried. Its hard enough for me to have faith in God already, I’m the type of person who needs to have things proven to them, but I just found your site… Disgusting for lack of a better word. I also heard that you made this site because you wanted to get back at the Kansas School Committee or something. I am hoping and praying that this is a true fact, and that you really don’t believe in this. I know this is wrong of me to say. People should believe in whatever they want, but really, looking at some of the articles that you have written, It seems that your site is more of an “In your face” thing to the Christians saying “Haha, we can make a religion just as easy as you guys can, see how stupid it is now?” For example ‘Your just jealous that our god has bigger balls then yours’? Excuse me for my language, but thats just crap, again, for lack of kinder terminology.
Even so, if you made this as a joke, or something to pass the time, that doesnt mean everyone else sees it that way. I mean, come on, you have a majority of collage students believing in this, and hopefully they’ll see how stupid (excuse me for saying that, im just trying to tell you my opinion without criticizing you further then everyone else already has) this all was, and that they may want to rethink their ways, that maybe you’ve gone a little too far?
I relize this all probably sounds silly from a 13 year old, but please take this into consideration…. If this whole thing is not a joke, im sorry, but if it was bobby… Thats kind of sad.


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  1. CaptainRedTom says:

    Swing’n’amiss there matey! Hopefully growin’ up’ll grant ye a sense a’ ‘umor! Ye need ta’ unnerstand Erin, me matey, there’s a lotta jokes out there that people don’t find funny or be offended by. I happen to not like Dane Cook’s particular brand o’ humor, but that don’t mean I gotta write ‘im a letter! Leave us well enuff alone until ye can grasp the point o’ a bit o’ satire matey!
    Cap’m RedTom
    PS: If’n ye have trouble believin’ in yer skydaddy, why not try out Partafarianism fer 30 days? If’n ye don’t take a likin’ to it matey, we’re sure yer religion’ll take ye back!

  2. gimmethegepgun says:

    Well, look at that. A posting that fits in with “concerned criticism” instead of “hate mail”. Well done.

    Anyway, your sixth sentence shows that you have promise: you need stuff proven to you. You should pursue that instead of believing anything people tell you.
    And you’re right, we DON’T believe this complete bullshit, because quite simply that’s what it IS: satire. Look it up on dictionary.com if you don’t know what it means.

    And worry not, college students DON’T believe this, they see how stupid it is and make the link that quite honestly there isn’t any difference between our ridiculous “beliefs” and other religions’.

    Oh yeah, and it wasn’t made to “get back” at the Kansas School Board, it was to prove (rightly so) how stupid Intelligent Design was when they were trying to get it on the curriculum. They put it on despite how people realized how stupid it was, none of them got re-elected if I’m not mistaken and they reversed it afterwards.

    • nun sequitur says:

      but…they’r still out there…

  3. DavidH says:

    You find it hard enough to believe in god already, being a rational person. There’s the clue. Christianity is hard to believe because it’s not true, and rather silly. Just as silly, in fact, as the FSM, but people don’t feel that because they are so used to it and because impressive-looking authority-figures appear to accept it.
    Yes, we are deliberately taking the Mickey, but not because we are irresponsible idiots. After much serious consideration we have reached the conclusion that it’s time the whole myth was debunked, because it does a lot of harm.
    So carry on thinking, Erin. Reason on the facts, and don’t take untestable dogmas on trust just because they come from men in black robes.

  4. SingaporeanGWoh says:

    I believe in FSM as much as i believe in Christine and all other major religious… YES I BELIEVE!

    RAmen, May His Noodly Appendages touch you.

  5. hotclaws says:

    Dear Erin, even the Bible says you have to test your faith?This is such a little trial.Think of what the martyrs endured and you complain about this?Thank you for being polite.

  6. Lyvvie says:

    You know Erin, at 13, you’re already farther ahead of most of your fellow Christians. I want to thank you for your politeness. You just keep on asking those questions about your faith, challenge your beliefs and maybe one day, this whole FSM thing won’t seem so stupid and crap. It may even make some sense. You should go and read the About page to properly understand our position – it started with protecting education.

    Enjoy your pasta, think fond thoughts. Avoid the meatballs if they creep you out.



  7. ATSAP REVOL says:


    Thank you for your literate letter of criticism.

    The pertinent word is “THINK.” I don’t “BELIEVE” in the FSM, but I “THINK” he/she is very, very unlikely because there is no (none, zero) empirical evidence to support his/her existence. For the same reason, I don’t “THINK” that witches, ghosts, Santa Claus, or leprechauns exist.

    I apply this same test to religions, and to me, anyway, there is a complete lack of evidence to support the existence of any supernatural being.

    If you are comfortable with your “FAITH” based beliefs, and they give meaning to you life, that’s fine. Just please don’t consider secular people inferior; and please don’t try to convert us. We are on a different wavelength.

    Best wishes,

  8. ryan says:

    Wow Erin, I’m 13 as well and i got the joke. why can’t you?
    If you need to have things proven to you, how do you still believe in god.
    There isn’t a shred of evidence, Erin.

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