Almost died

Published July 1st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

We were visiting a waterfall and a flash flood came out of nowhere.

Here is the story with pictures.

Update 7/2 – does not sound good – this headline was on the Bohol radio station website:


Update 7/4 – we heard that the bodies of both guys were found downstream. Still have not seen anything in the news about this, I am wondering why.

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  1. Sedative says:

    Hm. I never realized you were now here in the Philippines. :D Or I’d have staged something to rival the Papal visit here on the past world youth day. Haha. Nothing less for the high priest of His Noodleness, of course! Although I don’t really think there’s a lot of pastafarians among us filipinos. LOL We might have to artificially bolster the ranks with bribed street kids.

    On a more serious note. Flash floods have become rather common here. What with the flagrant government-backed illegal logging and all. Also mudslides, so be careful when traversing mountainous areas. Whole towns have been buried here before.

    So sad for the two guys. They were the same age as me. :/

  2. issah says:


    Thanks for the videos and the pics. So sad,but glad that you was safe! God bless!

  3. ZeeBigTourist says:

    It’s a harrowing experience but we’re glad you’re okay. Thanks for the video and pictures.

    It brought awarenes to visitors of the said falls to always be always on the look out when frequenting Mag Aso.

    I took the liberty of posting your pictures and video on my site

    ( http://zeebigtourist.blogspot.com/2009/07/mag-aso-falls-flash-flood-bohol.html )

    to promote awareness amongst my readers since I also have a first-hand experience in relation to the same tragic event. Hope it’s okay.

    Thanks Mr. Henderson.

  4. Don de Coq says:

    I recently returned from Antequera and the Mag-aso Falls where it’s located and got the whole story about the two guys in the photos.

    They were swept downstream and drowned. Their bloated bodies were recovered 3 days after the accident in Abatan River between Antequera and Cortes, some 5 kilometers doownstream from Mag-aso Falls. Witnesses at the recovery site said one guy had his stomach lacerated and opened by protruding tree branches along the way. The other guy’s head was cracked open by strong pounding against rocks as the body was violently swept downstream.

    The locals told me that those guys were warned to get out of the water because there was heavy rain upstream and a flash flood was imminent. They ignored the warning. Because of budget constraints, the local authorities do not have a lifeguard or rule enforcement process. They will just shout for you to get out. But its up to you to get out or not. The meager P50 (equivalent to $1.05) gate fee is not enough to hire security guards, since there are not many tourists who come to see Mag-aso Falls. Mag-aso Falls is not really a gigantic falls that would attract many tourists like that at Pagsangjan Falls in Luzon.

    Lessons to be learned: In a third world country like the Philippines, there are many safety concerns and violations and less safeguards and safety rules for people. We who are not familiar with their lifestyles all have to be aware and take precautions. Do not take safety for granted.

    The locals know when to get out when flash floods are immenent or when dark clouds are gathering upstream of a river.

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