You know spagetti pasta was not created till the 12th century

Published June 29th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

You know spagetti pasta was not created till the 12th century on a wooden press. are you saying the world is only 900 years old. If so then the dinosor bones are all fakes and ther primates are almost family


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  1. lucusfsm says:

    Dylan, “till” is correct. The word predates the word “until”, so both are acceptable.

  2. Meisha says:


    Oh please. You’re just jealous that He hasn’t touched you with His Noodly Appendage. Accept that touch, Dave. It’s good for you and it’s marvelous.


  3. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    It appears we have angered Austin (#35)! Whatever will we do? He does seem rather attached to dicks though… So, he is another one of those trolls who was raised with just enough Christianity to be really pissed off at us and deny his homosexual tendencies, and to prophesy (I didn’t die though, so your career as a prophet may not work out so well… don’t quit your day job), but not Christian enough to threaten us will hellfire and revel in our impending eternal torture.

    Yes yes, we have heard all of this before. I have no intention of stopping “this shit” (as you so eloquently put it). I, however, don’t have a dick to cut off, so we are definitely going to run into some issues. Coming to find me now? I am questioning how. You are not even able to form a complete sentence, nor are you intelligent enough to use spell check. Could you possibly have the mental facilities to carry out that threat? I HIGHLY doubt it (I also highly doubt you will ever get out of high school). Typical of a Christian. Makes huge threats that they cannot possibly deliver.

    You, however, did ALMOST pass the troll hate mail test. Check on horrible grammar, spelling, lots of homophobic retoric, lots of fucks and shits, threats on our lives. You didn’t, however, quote buybull verses or tell us how much you are going to enjoy thinking about us in hell (or something of that nature). Overall I give you a 6. Better luck next time.


  4. ronster666 says:

    Hey Austin, why so angry? Are we messing with your tiny little mind? Maybe you should stay away from sites like this that may make you think. We wouldn’t want your brain to explode. Might get some on us. By the way, have you worn the print off of that exclamation point key yet?

  5. ET, the Extra Terrestrial says:

    Bring it on, you ignorant little twerp. I’ll let you take the first swing. Make it a good one, because it will be the only one you get. BTW, you might want to take a course in basic English. For someone with your obvious lack of education to be calling anyone retarded is really beyond the pale.
    I’m not going to stop doing anything. You gonna stop me?
    I didn’t think so. Pussy. Shut up and go home and tell your mother she wants you.


  6. Wench Nikkiee says:

    #35 – austin
    “i ever meet someone who is involved with this gay ass society i will fucking cut your dick off!!!!!”
    Awww austin, the FSM loves you too. He really does!
    All your need to do is cease your incessant wanking and let His Glorious Noodly Appendage come unto you.
    Now clean all that sticky off your keyboard, take a deep breath and fix yourself a big bowl of pasta.

  7. WatchkeeperisgoodTP says:

    Hey Austin,

    you don’t have a penis do you? we can tell you know. It’s kind of obvious. Don’t worry me old mucker, there’s gotta be a bloke out there who can give you some.

    As for the original post: related to apes? Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!


    PS Austin, its OK, really, its OK. BTW every pastafarian could kick your saggy ass.

  8. ockhamsRazor says:


    Simply Bravissimo!

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