You know spagetti pasta was not created till the 12th century

Published June 29th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

You know spagetti pasta was not created till the 12th century on a wooden press. are you saying the world is only 900 years old. If so then the dinosor bones are all fakes and ther primates are almost family


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  1. Barb says:

    Just because pasta wasn’t discovered on Earth until the 12th century does not mean it didn’t exist in the heavens.

  2. Dylan says:

    spagetti <— wrong (spaghetti)
    till <— wouldn’t it be “until”
    are you saying the world is only 900 years old <— no capitilization and shouldnt there be a question mark at the end of that sentence?
    dinosor <— dinosaur.
    ther <—-….. is that supposed to be their? or the…
    and ther primates are almost family <—- that makes no sense… i think i get the gist of what you’re trying to say but I am probably wrong because your spelling and grammar skills are lacking.

    And they say us pastafarians are uneducated.

  3. Sean Boyd says:

    Of course, we can’t tell how old the world is, because as our gospel clearly states, the FSM changes scientific results with his Noodly Appendages to make the world look older than it really is. But you’re putting the cart before the horse, David. We’re not claiming that humans created the FSM. We’re claiming the FSM simply exists, much like Xtians claim that their Big Sky Daddy simply exists. Earthly pasta is, I dunno, maybe a manifestation borne of some Jungian archetype buried deep in the human psyche, created to honor the FSM on some deep, mystical level that we didn’t even know about at the time. Or, maybe it just tastes really good. Who can say?

    It’s nice to see someone trying to use reductio ad absurdum to show us the error of our ways, though, even when they flub it up pretty thoroughly.

  4. frgh says:

    It wasn’t until the 12th century that humans learnt to imitate their creator by making pasta. Pasta did already exist since creation however. What else do you think pirates ate?

  5. Cap'n Radiant Darkness says:

    Argg… and your point would be??? Methinks ye should get thee a copy of the good book and at least flip through it a wee bit in the book store even if ye don’t wish to buy it. You would then understand just how little sense your arrrgument be makin’.


  6. Your friendly neighborhood pirate says:

    You know the Bible was not created till a few thousand years ago? Are you saying the world is only a few thousand years old? Of course the bones are all fake. If so, then the “dinosor” bones are all fake (at least that’s what we believe).
    The last part of the sentence I couldn’t read.
    RAmen, your friendly neighborhood pirate.

  7. Iron Mike says:

    Science says that the earth is billions of years old. I believe the Church of the FSM says about 4000 years. The FSM can change scientific results to suit His purposes, so I’ll stick with His Truth. Remember, that His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts higher than our thoughts.


  8. DavidH says:

    But what about Hong LiuFeng and his Canelloni army?

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