You know spagetti pasta was not created till the 12th century

Published June 29th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

You know spagetti pasta was not created till the 12th century on a wooden press. are you saying the world is only 900 years old. If so then the dinosor bones are all fakes and ther primates are almost family


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  1. Cori says:

    lol i saw something like this on south park

    i think this is funny. Even though i am christian so…….lol this is really stupid! My site actually has a meaning to it and a good cause

  2. A true beliver says:

    You, all the unbelievers!! You dont know how it feels when our Lady the Spaghetti Monster touch you with her Holy tallarinesque apendages!!! I am praying She for yours!! If the Pasta was not cooked before 12 century it was because She want us to mature as specie. And maybe 12 century is when the Spaghetti was first-time cooked for all the world, but this not mean there isnt any Spaghetti cooked before. Only there is not proof yet.

  3. Bagelsauce says:

    This thread is infected. Burn it

  4. Puppygoogoo says:

    @73 What is your site? please let me know i need a good laugh.

  5. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    Cori (#73),

    This website has a great cause! That would fighting against taking mythology, dressing it up using some big words, calling it science, and then teaching it in public schools. As a science teacher, I think this is an excellent cause. Children should be taught facts and how to reason. They should be taught to ask questions and think for themselves. They should not just accept and regurgitate their elders’ beliefs. There is also the very small matter of the separation of church and state. But what is a little law when you have followers to indoctrinate (after all, who else is going to pay the bills)?

    What does your site do? Praise Jeebus? Yeah… great cause there. Promoting ignorance. Good job. Whenever you find that proof that he ever existed, let me know (and the buybull doesn’t count, so go find something else).

    In Peace and Sauciness,

  6. Olax says:

    Dear #65 – I won’t give you my name
    “All I can say is that everyone on this site is a moronic idiot”

    If that’s all you can say, you have quite some vocal disability to talk about. Oh wait, you can’t. I’m truely sorry for you.

    I also couldn’t help notice that by just being on this site for even the briefest moment you’ve entered the collection of people called “everyone on this site” and therefor, by your own definition of “everyone on this site”, you are a moronic idiot. I’m terribly sorry.

    As a moronic idiot, I can nevertheless understand that you probably won’t take my word for it, since I am a moronic idiot. I’m, again, sorry for you.

    I think there have been lots of moronic idiots on this site that you wouldn’t recognize as moronic idiots who once visited this side, including most probably a lot of your friends and relatives you told about this site full of moronic idiots. I pity the poor moronic idiots you turned them into.

    This is my moronic idiot way of saying: it takes one to spot one. I’m not sorry at all.

    Olax (I would give you my real name, but I couldn’t remember it, while burning in Hell – as a moronic idiot)

  7. Ode to a Grasshopper says:

    Hey #35, I’m pretty sure as a good Christian you’re supposed to ‘turn the other cheek’ and forgive us, unless I missed that part in the Bible where Jesus exhorts all his followers to cut off other people’s dicks for peacefully holding an opposing viewpoint.
    Also, it’s very funny and quite possibly true, we’re not about to stop, and with 10 million of us (including women, which makes it all a bit complicated anyway) living all over the world it’s gonna take you a while – you’re going to be a pretty busy boy castrating even just all of us males.

  8. bill says:

    #58 “Dinosaurs (esp. Pastasaurus) and primates also like spaghetti.” Did the pastasaurus and the humans cohabitate 32000 years ago? If so, then this news flies in the face of the dinosaurs and humans cohabitating 6000 years ago theory. The Pentacostals are going to go nuts!

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