Wow, I didn’t think this was real

Published June 19th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Wow, I didn’t think this was real until I googled it. You people actually worship fsm?? Well if this is true then I believe it if people can worship cows, and buddahs then why not fms. But I still think this is crazy, just a way for non-believers to get a laugh, but its not even funny its sad. I’m not going to give any death threats or tell you that your going to hell because you’re probably use to that and I’m sure you’r tiered of hearing it. So have fun worshiping fms I hope somone out there is praying for you all really hard.


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    Yes, -kiki, we are tiered of you redeemed and purified Christians telling us we are going to Hell. BTW, we do not worship FMS (Fucking Meaningless Scriptures?), we leave that pursuit to you. Have a nice day, Dipshit.


  2. While the grammatical errors of this letter are enough to discount it, Kikki does have a point. While FSM is a good laugh, and closely analagous with religion, it’s so highly offensive to any religious person. The best way to get someone to come around is rational discourse, not mockery and parody.

  3. Adolph Hitler says:

    I just wanted to give you a short report on my everlasting life in heaven. I’m so glad that just before I sipped cyanide and put a bullet in my brain I accepted Jesus Christ as my Personal Savior. Oh yes, you might say that I did a few bad things while I was alive, but I was saved in the last moment by His wondrous mercy and love.

    Had I not committed to Jesus, I would have, no doubt, spent eternity in Hell. Instead, I have flowing white robes and spend my time singing and chanting praises for God and his Son. Salvation is available to all you sinners, even Pastafarians, so repent now while you have the oportunity.

    Ende gut, alles gut.


    P.S. Es gibt keine Juden hier, danke Gott.

  4. son of the ugly one says:

    thank you for being somewhat civil with your post. On the other hand you seem to have totally missed the point of the website which is that statements of faith ( ie Creationism) are not suitable to be taught in a science class as a valid scientific theory.

  5. ET, the Extra Terrestrial says:



  6. Jeff says:


    What part of your God-given powers of reason and intellect do you need to deny and forsake to come to the conclusion that Pastafarians, Hindus, and Buddhists are crazy, but believing that a guy was God, but talked to God, died for YOUR sins, came back to life, left, briefly came back to talk to Paul, left again, and will come back any day now is not less crazy????

    I will pray for you.

  7. leguru says:

    I am a Buddhist, and we (Mahayana) don’t worship Buddha. And, Buddha has never told us to sacrifice our only child to prove our faith in him. I find your deity’s (YHWH or El) propensity to violence and filicide especially disturbing. I find the FSM to be as benign and as positive an influence on society as Shakyamuni Buddha or Mahatma Gandhi. Who has the weirder religion? You do know the difference between an religion and a myth? A religion is YOUR myth.


  8. gimmethegepgun says:

    Well, aside from the part about actually worshiping FSM, he seems to have actually gotten the point. Yes, we ARE so used to death threats and the such that we really don’t care any more, we just laugh at the morons that spew them.

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