Wow, I didn’t think this was real

Published June 19th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Wow, I didn’t think this was real until I googled it. You people actually worship fsm?? Well if this is true then I believe it if people can worship cows, and buddahs then why not fms. But I still think this is crazy, just a way for non-believers to get a laugh, but its not even funny its sad. I’m not going to give any death threats or tell you that your going to hell because you’re probably use to that and I’m sure you’r tiered of hearing it. So have fun worshiping fms I hope somone out there is praying for you all really hard.


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  1. Aesi says:

    “actually worship fsm??”


    “So have fun worshiping fms”


  2. Insightful Ape says:

    Hey kiki,
    You are quite right, when people believe in zombies born to virgins who are their own father, why not FSM? You may think it is crazy, and I think you are a jackass. And I don’t care for prayers-my lucky horseshoe trumps them all.
    You are also right that you are not the first troll we have had. The world is so full of losers needing a life. As you said yourself, it’s not even funny, it’s sad.
    By the way kiki, you misspelled your own name. It is “kinky”.

  3. TheJosh says:

    Wow, you managed to insult quite a few religions there. Not only showing how intolerant and unintelligent you are, but also proving our point. Thanks!

  4. Ron says:

    So, Kikki, if I understand right, we’re only as lame as all the Hindus and Buddhists, right? Impressive. Ignorant, stupid, AND tactless, all in one sentence. I think we have winner, here, folks!

  5. Mario says:

    Its strange to me that you eat your god while worshiping an invisible breaded man

  6. Ronster666 says:

    I don’t know of any religion that worships cows or buddahs (Buddists just try to follow his teachings), but at least cows (and spaghetti)exist and there is evidence that Buddah existed. You are correct that people will worship many strange things, like invisible sky daddies, a figure of a dead guy stapled to sticks and a statue of a woman who claims she gave birth without conception (really, Honey, it’s true! I didn’t sleep with your best friend). By the way, how does one pray really hard? Do you break out in a sweat from expending all that brain power? Does it work better that way? I’m betting it doesn’t. Let’s all just try to be good people, learn about the world and help others when we can. Atheists try to do that because we know that this is the only life we are going to live so we make the best use of it that we are able to. That includes educating the religious of the impossibility of their fallacies.

    I first started to suspect that christianity was bunk when I was told in first communion class that that dried wafer that sticks to the roof of your mouth was actually the body of christ, not just a symbol of it. I knew enough chemistry even when I was 12 years old to know that I was being lied to. Enlightenment soon followed.

  7. Kanoodle says:

    1. By hating on non-seculars, buddhists, and hindus you have successfully insulted approximately 2.376 billion people (not a made up number), and due to the fact that you probably disprove of every other religion out there except your own that means you think 4.5 billion people out there are absolutely insane.. seems unlikely to me.
    2. Its weird to me that people can be so ignorant, and on top of it try to express their feelings towards this subject by telling “non-believers” that they will pray for us. Isn’t that kind of what we DON’T believe in?
    3. Why did you list all the things you *weren’t going to do? (In this response I’m not going to discuss Russia’s foreign policy, the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald, or a Banana Slug’s defense mechanisms) Is that truly necessary?
    4. If you are going to make a persuasive and powerful argument you should try a) learn about what you are arguing and b) spell all the words correctly. Frankly, I find it funny how you bashed on the FMS. Everyone knows us Pastafarians worship the FSM and HAAAATTTTEEEEE that dirty FMS! “you’r tiered” After reading this all I see when I try and picture kiki is an ignorant 13 year old boy who was home-schooled by his equally ignorant parents trying to make them proud by arguing topics way too intelligent for him. Now, I’m sure kiki that you aren’t a 13 year old boy, but based on how you presented your argument it sort of seems that way.

  8. Ben says:

    We do not worship the “FMS” or “Financial Management Service.” We worship the FSM or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. As surprising as it sounds, the two are actually quite different. It would be impossible to put in mere words how different they really are. And no, we are not “tiered,” or should I say “having or arranged in tiers, rows, or layers.” And you think our religion is unfunny? Well, guess what, it’s funnier than yours. Oh yeah I went there. But our religion, it makes just as much sense as yours, so why? Why do you hate us so?

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