So, what type of hallucinogens were you on that day

Published June 1st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

So, what type of hallucinogens were you on that day? Where did you ever come up with this crap? A flying spaghetti monster? That has got to be the most pathetic, stupidest s**t I have ever heard, seen, or was told about in my life and I have seen some pretty stupid s**t. Put your crack pipe down and get a real life, move outta your parents basement, and get a fu***ng real job and work like us other real Americans have to do to make a living in this failing country with a pathetic economy. There are more issues at hand than the ozone. Like you having money, you having food, etc. As long as their is man, their will be war. Have a nice day :)—Yours truly, A hard working citizen, true American by heart, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, believer in non-stupidity, and hatred to dumb asses across the world.

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  1. War says:

    When will people learn the difference between there, their, and they’re? If you’re going to insult somebody or tell them they are stupid they should do their best not to look stupid in the process. I hope the FSM puts out a commandment about this rampant problem. It’s an epidemic.

  2. Sebastian Schirmer says:

    I don’t believe that all these people don’t realize that is not a true religion, but a form of criticism against one-wayed desition of the great religions…

  3. Joe in St Louis says:

    “There are more issues at hand than the ozone. Like you having money, you having food, etc.”

    If this is a reference to global warming then you are completely wrong. If the planet becomes uninhabitable for human beings then everything you value as important will end. Forever. Money is not important to a dead person. Food is not important to a dead person. It is bad enough that your personal story ends at death, but to know that unless changes are made your progeny will die before their time and without the fullness of life’s offerings and with full knowledge of the self-destruction of the human race is an unbearable thought.

    You seem to insinuate that because a silly concept was used illuminate how a minority of a population can influence the whole, that the people using the construction to prove a point are un-american. I am a vet and work in civil service, and I am a taxpayer and a voter, a “real american”, and I disagree with that idea. In fact, from from your very poor usage of the written english language I would be willing to wager that you are “hard working” simply because you lack the intelligence to do any type of work that involves any type of higher thought.

  4. Wendy says:

    War: you’re so right. I propose we all get together and contract some pirates to build a grammar and spelling school in FSM heaven. We’ll put it behind the stripper factory, and hire only the most intelligent midgets to teach there (not their, or they’re…)

  5. Lyvvie says:

    If Mr. Frost_Vamp believes in Non-Stupidity, then he must be a Pirate Loving Friend of the FSM. He just doesn’t know it yet. We should be kind to him, the military probably worked his satire node down to a bloody nubbin. Grab God by the meatballs and take a big bite of freedom.

  6. zeppelin says:

    lets take it from the top:

    A hard working citizen = too stupid to get an actual job
    true American by heart = most likely racist
    veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan = has to prove himself
    believer in non-stupidity = believes his way is the only way
    hatred to dumb asses across the world = arrogant

  7. ohbutmeow says:

    “…hatred of dumb asses across the world.”

    Nice to see we can agree on SOMEthing, -Frost_vamp!

  8. Sandi says:

    So is this what war does to our veterans? Frost_vamp is clearly a bitter, angry person who hates the US government and it’s inability to ensure he/she doesn’t have to work for a living in a crappy job, trying to make ends meet after serving his/her country in a war that he/she clearly didn’t understand.

    What does that have to do with keeping ID out of science class?

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