So, what type of hallucinogens were you on that day

Published June 1st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

So, what type of hallucinogens were you on that day? Where did you ever come up with this crap? A flying spaghetti monster? That has got to be the most pathetic, stupidest s**t I have ever heard, seen, or was told about in my life and I have seen some pretty stupid s**t. Put your crack pipe down and get a real life, move outta your parents basement, and get a fu***ng real job and work like us other real Americans have to do to make a living in this failing country with a pathetic economy. There are more issues at hand than the ozone. Like you having money, you having food, etc. As long as their is man, their will be war. Have a nice day :)—Yours truly, A hard working citizen, true American by heart, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, believer in non-stupidity, and hatred to dumb asses across the world.

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  1. Jade says:

    No sir, I will not put my crack pipe down.

  2. Logan says:

    You realize our Prophet Bobby is in college right? Oh, if you were wondering, there are shrooms in the holy sauce… really good shrooms. Not that that’s why we “see” FSM, it’s becasue we’re intelligent enough to see him.

  3. jay malhotra says:

    I am not thinking about it as I don’t have any interest in it.

  4. God Ate My Cat says:

    Woah, contradiction alert…. I mean seriously, “Real Americans”, and this doesn’t make sense, both “veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan” aswell as “believer in non-stupidity”………………………………………………………….. Sigh, stupid ignorant idiots.

  5. Kid Northcote says:

    I have never considered crack to be a hallucinogen. Was I smoking B grade crack?


    Feeling ripped off

  6. flagrantviolator says:

    Frostvamp, I too, am a veteran who has seen some pretty rotten stuff, caused in main by attitudes like you have exhibited here.I also venerate and follow Jesus’ teachings (or try to). I don’t know WHO you are worshipping, but the Jesus I know probably would have a good chuckle at a website that mocks blind orthodoxy and dogma. Remember that whole scene with the Pharisees? I quite doubt he would support your rant, either. Why not just relax? Try a joint or a run on the beach instead of mind-clouding, violence-inducing alcohol I’m assuming led to your embarrassing and unfortunate outburst? Life’s too short for bullshit.

  7. nun s equator says:

    curds & whey, i heard it may have been…this is unverified speculation, do not quote me on any of it. that as 2 what he was on, also potentially a hammock.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I really doubt this guy was a war vet, probably just trying to boost his credibility (not that it helped). With a name like Frost_Vamp I suggest YOU should move out of your parents basement and stop playing so much D&D or twilight.

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