Voynich Manuscripts

Published June 8th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I hope you’re not being spammed about it right now, but the Voynich Manuscripts, recently made famous by a xkcd.com strip, contains a fairly clear image of His Noodleness. I’m attaching a snapshot of the sighting, taken from scanned pages of the original.

I hinted to His presence since the beginning of the so-called “herbs” section of the manuscript. The images were slightly converging to a Holy pattern… and on page 34 there He was. I’m shocked here. What does it mean to us now?


13 Responses to “Voynich Manuscripts”

  1. Sabre Runner says:

    Not much of a likeness.

  2. ex-Possible Convert says:

    Interesting. The “FSM” has 3 meatballs in that picture. What could that possibly mean? Did he perhaps create us from the 3rd meatball? And note also that even the text is all noodly. Coincidence?

  3. Al Aksandir Garambel says:

    And on page 34? Methinks this is no mere coincidence.

  4. AustralianBrandPasta says:

    Perhaps the 1st and 2nd Meatball represent the Sun & Moon and the 3rd is a lost celestial cousin?


  5. Doctor of Pastdivinity says:

    It’s for me pretty obvious that the author(s) of Voynich’s manuscript was plainly a Pastafarian trying to mock the pre-encyclopedic volumes of Late Middle Ages.

  6. ViezeHenkiej says:

    Me thinks the author was touched by his noodly appendage, maybe his noodly goodness created the earth from the third meatball, and the author drawed him before the creation. i also think he disguised it as a plant because he didnt want to be arrested for piracy.

  7. lucus says:

    What an interesting book! Never been decyphered… maybe the FSM added to his mystery? Maybe the Lingua Ignota of Pastafarianism.

  8. Blind But Now I See says:

    Could this be at last the long lost Old Scriptures of His Delicious Divinity? The ones he wrote himself through men at least 3000 years ago?

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