Voynich Manuscripts

Published June 8th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I hope you’re not being spammed about it right now, but the Voynich Manuscripts, recently made famous by a xkcd.com strip, contains a fairly clear image of His Noodleness. I’m attaching a snapshot of the sighting, taken from scanned pages of the original.

I hinted to His presence since the beginning of the so-called “herbs” section of the manuscript. The images were slightly converging to a Holy pattern… and on page 34 there He was. I’m shocked here. What does it mean to us now?


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  1. A says:

    this site is a mockery of the very word enlightenment and divinity…

    • Keith says:

      Try and cultivate a sense of humour, A. It’s not healthy to go through life as if you have a pineapple shoved up your bottom.

    • Keith says:

      Incidentally, at the risk of being a pedant: “enlightenment” and “divinity” are two words.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      I have to agree with Keith, “enlightenment” and “divinity” ARE two words. Apparently A’s post makes a mockery of his/her attempt at mockery.

  2. DredOne says:

    In the process of clicking to enlarge/save images of the entire Voynich; I felt the meaning for me.
    ~My original intent was to photo print the entire thing to wallpaper my motorhome for passive analysis, (along with the Rorschach). But mid process, I saw. Adolescent spirit doodle is a truth too soon to be known by the writer. Truth tangible is present. It need not be known, just possessed.
    Truth is the oxygen that is carried by the blood-cells that are the words. The werds may be recited again but there is no truth in them.
    Let truth be for each one as they feel it & kept a treasure secret.
    Fuck thence the peasant scum with their orchestrated rituals. For they are destined to the fire reserved for those who bore dog (or god for you dyslexics).

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