Enjoy your spaghetti in hell

Published June 8th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This is rediculous, just another way for atheists to attempt to make fools out of people who actually have something to believe in.

Enjoy your spaghetti in hell assholes.



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  1. simonb says:

    “This is ridiculous, just another way for atheists to attempt to make fools out of people who actually have something to believe in. ”
    A little presumptuous don´t you think? I am always amazed by the accusation that atheists do not believe in anything. I believe in myself and my own abilities to get through life without some kind of “crutch” to prop up my own shortcomings and weaknesses. I believe that I can form my own set of morals by which to conduct myself and interact with the world around me. Does that not count as believing in something?

  2. 4therush says:

    I only wish good upon you. I hope that one day you can feel love the way we do.


  3. Domin. says:

    Just becuse we are a diffrent religon we are ganna burn in hell?
    So the buddests,and ect. are ganna burn in hell becuse we dont belive in this “god” of yours??
    And just becuse your name is SpaghettiEater, well Its just dumb……..

  4. Lundix says:

    YAAARGH!! That is all.

  5. Lioss says:

    I’m pastafarian,for me there’s no hell.But i’ll enjoy spaghetti on friday.

  6. Drake says:

    I put it to you, sir, that your violent reaction to our belief is a direct product of your own doubts as to whether or not your belief is founded. If you can not see that our belief has just as much validity as your own than it is likely that you doubt the validity of your own belief, but since you have clung to it all your life it is too unbearable to admit that both religions are equally valid. Because our belief differs only, in essence, from yours in the fact that we believe in His Great and Benevolent Noodliness, it illustrates quite clearly that both beliefsystems are equally ridiculous. I therefore put it to you that your violent reaction is irrefutable proof of the weakness of you own faith. If you truly believe, then no argument we make or thing we say should affect you in the slightest. But is has, thus proving the instability of your faith.
    To believe in something, is to accept that which you believe in as Truth. If one has faith in that Truth, there is no need to slight those with different versions of Truth, since one can be content in the fact that one is correct in his belief. The need to convert others or debase other faiths is merely a herd reaction. You may feel silly believing something, but if enough others believe it too, it seems less silly. I beseech you to look inside yourself and discover the true heart of your faith, and accept it. You will no longer feel the to bother others with it.

    May His Noodliness help you find your peace in faith. rAmen.

  7. Hap says:

    Hell has pizza and pasta.

    Your “god” gave you bread a fish.

    We win!

  8. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Once again, it is apparent that if you want rational discourse, read not the letters TO the Pastafarians, but those OF the Pastafarians.

    So, I shall read from the letter of ET to the Pastafarians (#26), wherein he states
    “The reason these imbeciles all parrot the same gibberish when they come here to try to insult us is that they are incapable of original thought, so they simply regurgitate the same tired old phrases.”
    True that: the most literate of our detracting visitors love to quote from the BuyBull in order to sound learned. I suppose if the quote is obscure enough, it MAY sound deep.

    Then there is this reading from Drake:54 where he talks about the violent reactions of (FSM) non-believers. Yes, I have noticed this oddity, too. If you differed with someone else’s choices of food, fashion, hobby, music, sports team or even politics they might just shrug it off. But doubt their religion and just watch their panties bunch up. Drake, I believe you’re right in that they can NOT face the fact they just have invested too much in a fantasy.

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