Enjoy your spaghetti in hell

Published June 8th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This is rediculous, just another way for atheists to attempt to make fools out of people who actually have something to believe in.

Enjoy your spaghetti in hell assholes.



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  1. Dan says:

    There’s no need for us to attempt to make fools out of anyone who literally believes in;

    The Bible
    Ley Lines
    Tarrot cards
    Everlasting life
    There’s also some doubt as to whether Jeremy Clarkson is real or an advanced computer graphic created by the BBC. Who knows.

    So, carry on making a fool out of yourself and wasting your one chance at life

  2. The Gavin says:

    They probably have some damn spicy marinara in hell. mmmmmmmmmmm…

  3. DavidH says:

    The FSM our Creator is real.
    Jeremy Clarkson is real. He is an evil Woople from the planet Fooplegloop.
    Who’s this god feller? Presumably some kind of infantile spoof on our Noodly Master.
    Bloody childish, if you ask me.

  4. BoneDog says:

    So many left to save …
    so little time.


  5. Burp says:

    I hate that you all are not on cable TV on Sunday mornings!
    How are we supposed to worship? Heh?

  6. Plato's Palate says:

    Do you people TRY to spell things wrong? It is rare to see a hate mail concerning our god with perfect or even good grammar.

  7. Wench nikkiee says:

    “Enjoy your spaghetti in hell assholes.”

    “Spaghetti in hell assholes”? Is a “hell asshole” some type of pastry? A dish along the lines of “Toad in a Hole” or “Pigs in a Blanket”?
    Or perhaps SpaghettiEater is into some sort of anal sex/food fantasy somehow incorporating spaghetti?
    Our FSM would be hugely flattered.
    Wait…maybe he/she/it is referring to dining on spaghetti in Hell…in Norway?
    I think Hell not be frozen over this time of year.


    If that be the case, thanks for your good wishes SpaghettiEater, and may I add that be a mighty fine and pious Pastafarian name ya av thar :)

    Arrrr.. the cognitive dissonant joy of Real Faith (TM) and Realigion (TM)

    Raise Your Sporks and Praise Be To his Noodly Appendage.

  8. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Oh blasphemous Wench Nikkiee!

    I meant “His” Noodly Appendage not “his”

    Arrrgh…the shame!

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