Enjoy your spaghetti in hell

Published June 8th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This is rediculous, just another way for atheists to attempt to make fools out of people who actually have something to believe in.

Enjoy your spaghetti in hell assholes.



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  1. Cam says:

    Dear me, I seem to have made a slight typo. My apologies.

    *3) That they serve spaghetti with my beer in the afterlife. Reading this post made me hungry.

    But at least I corrected it.

  2. ET, the Extra Terrestrial says:

    The reason these imbeciles all parrot the same gibberish when they come here to try to insult us is that they are incapable of original thought, so they simply regurgitate the same tired old phrases. If they were actually able to think, they’d figure out how dumb they sound, and bugger off.


  3. Meisha says:

    Get off the cross, buddy, someone else needs the wood.

  4. A long time Pastafarian says:

    Every time I read a post like this, I’m just amazed at how much people just don’t get it. Perhaps before you attack something that’s not a big deal so vehemently, you should understand exactly what it is that you oppose. Calm down and do your research. And perhaps re-read your Bible…do what Jesus would do. Writing hate mail on a website is likely something Jesus WOULDN’T do. But then again, I’m an ignorant atheist.

    By the way, I’m likely going to Hell (if it exists) in a handbasket for many things…the least of which is this website. But I’ll enjoy my ride down, eating a plate of spaghetti the whole way.

  5. AustralianBrandPasta says:

    I don’t think they serve pasta in hell.

    Tonight, we dine, in HELL!

    Tomorrow, I’m thinking take-away chinese.


  6. In Addition, We Have France says:

    Here’s my view on hell:
    If the fundamentalists are right, heaven is full of them.
    In which case, I’d rather not go.

  7. Sue says:

    The most obvious benefit of enjoying spaghetti in hell is that it will stay deliciously warm!

  8. Lyvvie says:

    I’m happy to see a critic who’s actually read the site and understands it’s satire. However, they are obviously home-schooled.

    I believe in freedom. You can’t be free with God.

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