Enjoy your spaghetti in hell

Published June 8th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This is rediculous, just another way for atheists to attempt to make fools out of people who actually have something to believe in.

Enjoy your spaghetti in hell assholes.



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  1. doodymgoo says:

    well at least I corrected it

  2. D Bauer says:

    Well, I’ll be damned. I can’t wait for a tasty spaghetti from Hell’s kitchen.

  3. WWFSMD says:

    Thanks, Jesus Jumper, I will. I’ll also enjoy the beer volcano and strippers, but it won’t be in Hell. It will be in Pastafarian Paradise.

  4. Artec says:

    people who believe in hell deserve it.

  5. D says:

    Here is the thing. How is anyone to truly know that a flying spagetti monster , a jumping rabid raccoon, flying fruit bat, some ole yahoo or even a supposed god made the universe? We do not. You just got a bunch of paper that one can roll up into a nice rolling paper for a joint. Then the bible does say Do not judge others but it is Him who judges. Shame Shame… A true christian is not suppose to do that.

    Now think for a moment and let me know when the door has not hit you because I only hear a draft breezing by. This site can preach what they want. Now discriminating someone’s religious beliefs is against the Constitution. So some of you need to read your Constitution a little more.


    So remember those who quote the good book. Read before quoting because there is always someone else who knows thab you.

  6. Long John Silver says:

    Dear Mr Spaghetti Eater,

    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to post to this board. We appreciate the effort you have taken to put together such a well thought out critique of our religion.

    However, I would like to point out that this is a serious religion and does not take part in any way in criticising, belittling or making fools of others who have religious beliefs different to ours.

    In no way would we insinuate that followers of other religions are brainless, intellectually challenged simpletons who lack the capacity to think for them self and so rely on a bunch of fairy tales from some old book of questionable authenticity for their intellectual guidance and moral code.

    Furthermore, we would certainly not attack their deity as a narcissistic, misogynistic, emotionally immature, racist, genocidal ego manic whose follower are sycophants.

    No we would not do that. We are only interested in worshiping our Lord and Saviour the FMS.



  7. BeerHeart says:

    Depending on which branch or denomination of Christ-insanity you ask, there is NO BEER in your so-called Heaven. There IS wine however, which is supposedly the blood of your god. BUT, there are many of your theologians who argue over whether or not it is in fact a true wine or just grape juice. Now who sounds like a bunch of A$$holes? Let’s review. Your Heaven is devoid of BEER and filled with A-Holes who prefer arguing over trivialities rather than enjoying the bounty all around them. According to my book, that would make your Heaven an eternal Hell. Good luck with that one. We don’t hate you, we pity you. If you can’t understand why, then it’s already too late.

    Hmmm, your god’s blood goes very well with steaming hot pasta!

  8. Cam says:

    I love these silly hate mail posts. They allow everyone to see how small minded and ignorant these anti-Pastafarians really are. I can really only hope for a few things:

    1) That the people who post these hate mail messages aquire basic spelling and grammar skills(at the very least.)
    2) That the FSM will touch this poor, lost soul with his Noodly Appendage so he too may be saved from an eternity with disease ridden strippers and revolting beer.
    4) That they serve spaghetti with my beer in the afterlife. Reading this post made me hungry.


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