Enjoy your spaghetti in hell

Published June 8th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This is rediculous, just another way for atheists to attempt to make fools out of people who actually have something to believe in.

Enjoy your spaghetti in hell assholes.



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  1. Captain Blondebeard says:

    My favorite quote so far has been “Shany” aka 85 after having ranted about how dumb we are, our good friend Shany then goes on to say “I mean what the lord has done to me he saved me he touched my hart he holds me in his arms he has millions no trillions of people following his word.”

    I mean… Yarrrgh dude, are you trying to create some sort of intelligence black hole in that sentence? That sentence (with ABSOLUTELY horrible grammar and spelling), would invalidate any half decent point you had made. Not that you have (and I’m guessing that you aren’t going to make one any time soon. I’m also guessing you’re looking up invalidate in the dictionary), but that was like… Negative IQ there.

    Thanks to Bobby & the FSM for helping these closed minded chappies reveal their true colors.


    P.S. If you want to tuck into a big bowl of spaghetti tonight then go for it! It’s a delicious, nutricious meal and it’s a great chance to have a taste of OUR Savior. I have tried yours, but I find wine has you saying stupid things, and it’s a little too easy to poke holes in bread.

  2. Reverand James, UCTAA says:

    Dear “SpaghettiEater,”
    1. Please learn to spell, or at least use spellcheck.
    2. We are not all Atheists. Some of us are Agnostic, of course in your eyes we’re all the same.
    3. Show us some real evidence of the existence of another “supreme being” and the factual
    correctness of your religious beliefs and we’ll be more than willing to convert to your belief system.
    4. “Enjoy your spaghetti in hell assholes.” is not a very Christian attitude.
    Yes I assume you’re a so-called Chistian as you guys seem to be the only one’s going out of your
    way to condemn us to “Hell.”

  3. Alex says:

    Dear Shany and #98,

    You guys arn’t to brite you have to relize that no matter what we’re all going to hell. I say this because, everyone has a different religon so STFU. Btw FSM makes more sence then “God”, what are the chances of a being creating everything; who created him? I mean sure we all have are different perspectives but yeah…. i’m going into like 9th grade teachers, other students, adults flip out when they find out i have no religon, but thx to FSM i can now say my religon is FSM (i can’t spell! =P)! oh btw if your guys wanna hate mail me or say somthing to plz do!
    My e-mail is [email protected] (Note: i was like six when i made this e-mail lol)

    From your FSM loving pal,

  4. Taco Magic says:

    Actually, hell is mostly stale beer and strippers with STDs isn’t it? But then again maybe we’ll also have pasta with no sauce. No, that’s too harsh… maybe a sauce from a can. Yeah that’s it!

    In addition to the stale beer volcano and diseased stripper factory, Hell also has overcooked pasta with ragu sauce on it, or off-brand mac-n-cheese made with powdered milk. How do I get that cannonized?

    In all seriousness though, I’m guessing that Hell is probably right next door to heaven. Maybe we could invite them all over to pasta once in a while… you know to show we still care.

    In love and noodles,

  5. Xunnamius says:



    Say it once out loud. Then: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOROFL.

    I can say I think you guys are crazy… but so is the rest of the world, so more power to ya xD

    Enjoy your spaghetti in hell lmao. So good >.< XDXD

  6. Jordan says:

    Spaghetti eater?… oh well. athiests are not trying to make fools of anyone, we’re just trying to spread truth. we may fight each other’s opinions, but that’s just part of the process of atheism becoming a universal truth. 1) the truth is ridiculed and dismissed 2) the truth is violently oposed 3) the truth becomes universally accepted. false truthes like your religions have gone through this, but now it’s time for something that actually has some credibility to come through. what makes the bible believable in the first place? it was written over 300 years after the actual events transpired, far from a reputable source. not only that, but those who wrote it seemed to think that they knew everything that happened long before anyone had been around, much less in their lifetime. your religion is the joke, good sir, and i shan’t condemn you to hell, for it doesn’t exist. i’ll simply ask you to rot in the ground.

  7. Duiliath says:

    So which hell am I going to again? I can’t remember, was it Jahanem, maybe tartarus, it couldn’t have been the abyss could it? Well I don’t consider such silly imaginary concepts of eternal damnation or eternal reward so I guess it doesn’t matter. Oh and believing (seriously) in an omnipotent invisible omnipresent deity causing everything to exist through supernatural means inexplicable to us humans but apparently true because an old book says so makes you more of a fool than we atheists could ever do to you, more so by the fact that people try to get it taught as science in schools. Also you act as though believing in knee-deep bull is better than not believing in anything, but when you really think about it there is absolutely no down side for a person to stop worshiping dogma, though even if you try to think of it you probably wouldn’t be able to imagine us heretics as anything more than delusional immoral savages.

    May you taste the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s large meaty balls while eating the pasta of his likeness Ramen.

  8. Yeah... Right. says:

    Is it just me but are all the people who believe in gods and are responding negative stupid? I’m really sorry for there stupidity. But then again it’s not really pleasent to know that there’s nothing there but we learn to live with it. These kinds of people are useless. We let you believe in whatever you wan’t believe so why can’t others believe in something else?

    See ya in hell (but then again I don’t believe in god or in heaven or hell). So probably I won’t see you at all. That’s all.

    – Me.

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