Enjoy your spaghetti in hell

Published June 8th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This is rediculous, just another way for atheists to attempt to make fools out of people who actually have something to believe in.

Enjoy your spaghetti in hell assholes.



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  1. Pastafarian Juli says:

    I love how he/she is like “I’m eating SPAGHETTI!”
    This is secretly submitting yourself to His Holy Appendages.

    Pesto be with you!

    -your fellow Pastafarian.

  2. chief cook and bottle washer says:

    Ok Gerrick McElroy, what happened to your Sun God … he must be so hurt! When the earth turns to ice I’LL KNOW who made it HAPPEN!!! OOOOHHHHMMM, slurp, munch, burp, I’m better now …

  3. Cuisinart says:

    I am very dismayed at religious people condemning other religious people on this forum. I, for one, believe in the Sun God. Our Sun God gives us warmth, makes the plants grow, and without him, our planet would be a frozen rock floating through space. Let’s not anger the Sun God fighting over false Gods. He is beginning to show his displeasure with us. He has stopped the 11 year sun spot cycle. We are receiving less energy from him, our climate is cooling off. Heed his warning, in an eye blink; he could turn himself off completely! Then what? Although my Sun God is the one, true, infallible God; I tolerate your silly beliefs out of respect. You should do the same.

    May the Sun God shine his brilliance upon you! Spend a day at the beach baptizing yourself in his glorious rays while giving him thanks!

  4. LuisC. says:

    I have to say I agree 100% with everything “Garrick McElroy” said.

    That said, I also have something to tell you #98, hope you read it AND read Garrick’s posts (#106 & #107) in order to be informed a bit about some facts and then we can maybe have a decent, peaceful and mature discussion.

    Anyways, Im wondering something. You say you’re very angry (and hungry) with this, that you are not hating us but “just hating our mockery”. But then I wonder, how is this a mockery? Where did you get this from? Ill take a shot and say that this is only your closed mind telling you what you want to believe: that this is just a mock, spoof or parody of a religion. Specifically your religion, and thats why you feel insulted and full of hate.

    But it is not. It might look “silly” to you because we worship a pasta monster, but you can’t then deny the fact that it is as “silly” as worshipping a guy (or girl) with a beard who lives in the sky and is actually 3 in 1: a young dude, an old dude, and a woman. All at the same time. And then it is as “silly” as what Wyccans (sp?) worship: werewolves and vampires. You said you didnt want to be told “FSM is as real as your God”, and ok I wont tell you that, but you’re only asking for it because its the reality. No God can be proven true, and if you can then Im anxiously waiting for a real proof of it, but until then, it is all down to personal beliefs and faith. At least our God is made of pasta and pasta does exists so, if anything, we’re only closer than you are to a real God. So, why bash us for our beliefs? Have you considered that? Anyways Ill get to this point later on in this post.

    First of all I want to clear out about what this is (for me), you might think it is a mockery but, this is actually some sort of religion itself. Just not a “severely organized mass-moving, mind-closing and/or hate-breeding” religion like yours and some others.

    Im not insulting you here nor anyone from any religion, Im only telling the truth based on real facts, and your own post just proves my facts clearly. So before you get even more blind rage, lets see these facts:

    You’re so closed minded in your religion that just the moment when you hear about some sort of “religion/cult” where the followers worship a Flying Spaghetti Monster, you automatically believe it is a mock against you and your religion and, of course, you get ANGRY and start to feel HATE. Thats what they breed you with in your religion, to hate as soon as you possibly can? And not only haet, but blind hate, that is, because you clearly know nothing about this, but yet you suppose it is right to come to our place and bash us for believing in something different, with the argument being that this is a mock, we’re sinners and claiming that we’re the ones who are “dumb”.

    But let me just quote one of your final sentences “keep you from sin and your dumb pasta headed freak”, so if I got it right, you’re indirectly claiming that Im a sinner for having a different belief? Is that something you learn in your religion? To call a “sinner” someone who has a different belief or religion than yours? Maybe you see this as a “st00pid” religion or a joke, but we do see it as a religion so, why cant we be respected for it? As I said before in this post, if we bring it down to “proofs” and “logic”, our religion is as logical as yours, if not more.

    And the worse part is that, our religion is now clearly more ethical (and logical) than yours. We for example are not encouraged to bash/insult/kill others for their thoughs, we accept any beliefs as soon as the intentions are noble, as for religions we can only try to ignore the ignorance, it is only wrong if the religion’s intentions are wrong, also we actually live our religion with humour, keeping the line between humour thin to the moral and “seriousness” one, and our gospel is actually easy-to-read, understandable, powerful and most of the times hilarious which makes it enjoyable, but I wonder if you have ever read yours 100%?

    Make an anonimous interview to 10 random people in your church to see if they have read the gospel completely (ever), and you’ll be surprised how most of them never did, most didnt even start.

    So yeah, Id rather keep worshiping my “dumb pasta headed freak” who, with his Noodly Appendage, always leads me through the right, moral and fun passage of life, allowing me to live in peace and always to follow the motto “LIVE AND LET LIVE”, unlike worshiping your God, who apparently leads you to a life that makes you feel random blind rage, anger, prejudice and hate to others who believe in something that in your opinion is “dumb”, but of course that must be OK to you because you believe in Him (or Her?) so you’re allowed to do that as you wish; we are the sinners.

    As a side-note, I just saw a curious link about this subject, so if you opened your mind a bit and the rage is semi-gone and want to read a small parable that relates to one of the subjects on “religion vs religion”, you might want to check this link and realize what you’re actually doing:

    Dont worry about the mighty TFS hating you for your words, he’s a kind God and he understands when people’s minds have been washed and sealed from external comprehension. He doesnt hate. Him and I can only hope you carefully read the good posts in this website, open your eyes leaving the prejudice behind, and join our Pastafarian journey for good.


  5. CaptainRedTom says:

    It be funny and sad how a lot of folk see the eatin’ of the Sacred Pasta as Sacrilege and not as what it truly be, Sacrament! Arrr, These folk immediately jump to a feelin’ of hate fer our sacred Spagediety and they know nothin’ of us! That’s an Ancient Concept called predudice Mateys!
    Cap’m RedTom

  6. Garrick McElroy says:

    I believe it’s Wiccan. :D I’ve never had someone say they thought what I said was intelligible. I normally just get religi-bashed.

  7. mimmelit says:

    As Nietzsche already put it – and this is a book worth reading :

    Man created God (in his own image!) for his mental consolation and comfort and Man also murdered God by creating new values. Thus GOD is dead!

    But for this, one would have to think on his/her own rather than just reciting what one has learned in religious school.


  8. Eve says:

    Atheists don’t go to hell because they don’t believe in it
    I believe in other things, when i got really sick i didn’t turn to some god, i went to the hospital
    if my grades are bad it’s not god who wanted it, i just should have studied better
    i believe you are free in what god (or nothing) you believe in but don’t bother people with your own religious beliefs, you can’t force it on them !
    i just don’t want to believe in some church that profits from the sick and people with guilt ( because they give A LOT )
    I have a lot to believe in (things or people) that WILL really help me when i need it , just not some being that controlls everyone and everything
    as Bill Maher said it : “religion is like the lottery, if you don’t play you can’t get saved”
    Greets from Belgium, keep up the good work FSM

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