The Spaghetti Constant

Published June 22nd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I work as a scientist in the area of coating nanotechnology, or more precisely in the development of so called nano sputtering methods. Nano sputtering is a way to position single atoms or clusters of many atoms onto a surface to form a pattern with a nanometer thickness. Often the result is rather random; it is a little bit like firing off a shotgun against a wall with the atoms as shots. My research is aiming for methods to fine-tune the sputtering in order to achieve a desired pattern and thickness instead of just a random pattern, and I did recently a quite fantastic discovery I would like to disclose at your web site. An important parameter is the Diertmann-Zeigler value (d/z value) which easily can be understood as the lateral spin energy of the atom when the Möbier coefficient is set to 1 in the equation below:

When the d/z value is continually changed from 0.24 (which is focal zero point) to 9.56 (which is van Haank’s theoretical maximum) the achieved atom pattern should according to the theory be totally random. However, according to my findings there is one single value (d/z = 1.115) which does not give a random pattern, but always exactly the same pattern (see below).

The d/z value 1.115 is equal to π/e and obviously a natural constant which I hereby would like to denominate the spaghetti constant s.

Dr. Erik Ronne

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  1. hotclaws says:

    His noodly presence is everywhere.We are blessed.

  2. Francesc says:

    til last paragraph I was thinking if it was a casualty or a joke.
    pi/e = ?

  3. Garrick McElroy says:

    One word… w00ts!

  4. tisj says:

    hahaha this is the ultimate evidence of his noodleness!!!

  5. Ron says:

    Suck on that, unbelievers!!

  6. StJason says:

    You see! You see! Hard, irrefutable proof! Mathematically driven formulae to reveal His Noodly Works. Much better then a stain on an overpass or some moldy toast…

  7. kiyaroru says:

    Clouds, weeds, smoke and now nanosputter.
    I think we are facing a very real danger of becoming a real religion.
    Does belief in a god cause it to become more real?
    Is the reality retroactive?

    What’s that over there?

    Who said that?

  8. Tenku says:


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