Successful Outreach

Published June 9th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I ordered the gospel of the flying spaghetti monster and sent the glorious word to a minimum security federal prison in Yankton SD. As a token of gratitude one the the guys spent 2 months in his cell crocheting this blanket glorifying the FSM. I put my guitar next to it for a perspective of size. Who says ex-cons can’t be a productive member of our society!?!?!

All my best,
Tom G.
Fort Worth, TX

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  1. Barnacle Bill the Sailor says:

    You know you really are a church when you have an outreach program.
    Helping prisoners see the light is what it’s all about. This one spent 2 months in devotional service, and is now ready for a new life on the outside. It seems such work is already in demand!
    Congratulations to you and your friend.

  2. Mr. Schism says:

    Looks warm…

  3. Long John Silver says:

    That’s just about the coolest blanket I’ve ever seen.

    I want one.

    No self respecting Pastafarian would feel comfortable sleeping under anything else.

    I think we should make this guy a Pastafarian Saint.


  4. Long John Silver says:

    Oops … we don’t have saints in this religion. That last posting should read:

    “I think we should make this guy a Pastafarian Pirate.”

    I hope the Noodly One forgives me.


  5. thatOneguy says:

    That is pretty darn cool,
    May you be Blessed with His Noodly Appendages for ever more!!!

  6. Sean Boyd says:

    True, Barnacle Bill. But you know what else other churches have? Televangelists. Just imagine a TV show on public access every Friday, with one of our brother or sister Pirates in full regalia, telling the masses about the wonders of Pastafarianism. And collecting money for the pirate ship, of course.

  7. Renegat says:

    Right ON! That is an amazing job, why do people consider cons to be bad people just because Big Brother is afraid of them. big brother is afraid of anyone who questions authority.
    I digress… That is fantastic! amazing what you can do when all you have is time.

  8. pirateanarchist says:

    @ 7 – Pirate Fitty –
    Its true, if he doesn’t have a job yet, I’d pay 50 bucks for an amazing crochet tribute to the FSM!

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