I’ll pray for you.

Published June 27th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I’ll pray for you. Really and truely.

You are obviously a very intelligent and witty person.

I hope that you have an amazing life and are happy and proud of who you are.

I also hope that one day you might give God another chance.

I don’t know what happened that caused you to turn from Him, or if you never did believe.

But I sincerly hope that you will know Him.

When you die, do you know what will happen?

I’m sorry if this comes across as just another ‘conversion’ speech.

Just please never give up hope in life.

Thanks for reading.
Love, Katie

224 Responses to “I’ll pray for you.”

  1. Betsy C. says:

    I know what will happen when I die. I will make the most lovely fertilizer. Really, it’ll be just fantastic. And somehow, people fail to grasp that praying for people who disregard any “power” in prayer… doesn’t work?

  2. Ubi Dubium says:

    Yeah, it comes across as another “conversion” speech. Yawn.

    We’ll eat some pasta for you, and hope you someday feel the touch of His Noodliness.

  3. Maratanos says:

    Good, you do that. You pray, and meanwhile, I’ll do something actually productive.

  4. Sebastian Schirmer says:

    When i die, i will go to a heaven with strippers and beer!

  5. DavidH says:

    You want Bobby to give two chances to one god, but instead he is giving his second chance to a minority god – much fairer.
    And when he dies, he will see the beer volcano and the stripper factory.

  6. BaronVanPasta says:

    Katie you did it.

    I now feel gawd. He’s with me now. I am truly a born again certifiable x-tian. He’s speaking to me now… Katie Jesus says you are a loving caring person, and deserve a good man in your life. Namely me. Jesus wants us to fuck Katie. Seriously he just told me now.

    So lets get to it Katie. Lets fuck. Lets you and I both fuck for Jeebus.

    Oh and thanks for “saving” me. You can be sure I’ll return the favor in the sack :)

  7. ryan says:

    Finally! Actual legitimate grammar!

  8. Iron Mike says:

    “Prayer. How to do nothing and still think you’re helping.”


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