I’ll pray for you.

Published June 27th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I’ll pray for you. Really and truely.

You are obviously a very intelligent and witty person.

I hope that you have an amazing life and are happy and proud of who you are.

I also hope that one day you might give God another chance.

I don’t know what happened that caused you to turn from Him, or if you never did believe.

But I sincerly hope that you will know Him.

When you die, do you know what will happen?

I’m sorry if this comes across as just another ‘conversion’ speech.

Just please never give up hope in life.

Thanks for reading.
Love, Katie

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  2. Sky says:

    Thank you for being nice about it at least. But as you can see, saying you’ll “pray” for someone is really more harm than good. If you must, do it without announcing it. Fact is, people DO use that phrase as an insult. A rather vague one, but still. I realize it was not your intention to offend, but you must look at it from our point of view. We are used to people saying they’ll pray for us, and it usually means they disapprove of us, our beliefs, and our actions.

  3. John Irwin says:

    Thanks for being so polite about it Katie. Unfortunately for you, God is not a man, but instead a perfect being! consisting on noodles, meatballs and the appropriate amount of sauce. may his noodly apendage find you and enlighten you.

  4. Flippy says:

    Thank you for being polite about it, really it means a lot. We get threats and stuffs, but really thanks. But, next time PLEASE don’t say pray we’re very used to people using that as an insult. So, next time please don’t say pray. But, I’m sicerley grateful this isn’t like the ones that call us freaks.

  5. Rupertbonehamkingpfpirates says:

    Thank you for being so kind in your message…..
    We are trying to believe in our religion which we hope will help up and stop global warming to help everyone instead of just ourselves. This is my belief and I believe that you are good spirited in what you are saying and are trying to help us because its what you believe so thanks but no thanks

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