I’ll pray for you.

Published June 27th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I’ll pray for you. Really and truely.

You are obviously a very intelligent and witty person.

I hope that you have an amazing life and are happy and proud of who you are.

I also hope that one day you might give God another chance.

I don’t know what happened that caused you to turn from Him, or if you never did believe.

But I sincerly hope that you will know Him.

When you die, do you know what will happen?

I’m sorry if this comes across as just another ‘conversion’ speech.

Just please never give up hope in life.

Thanks for reading.
Love, Katie

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  1. I says:

    We’ll pray for you.. slap me? We’ll still pray for you.. it’s human nature to care for others.. for one, I believe in anything that is proven (this is actually redundant – but just to point it out).. if evolution has been proven then okay.. if creationism is proven then okay.. each person has a right to their own belief.. you may argue that your religion is full of contradictions and such, but what a person does is more important.. if a person who helped you in a calamity believes in God, a God that is loving and forgiving, wouldn’t you say that that person is good, regardless of religion.. but what if a person keeps on bashing other people, saying others deserve it.. wouldn’t not only they be doing something morally incorrect (I’m saying morals in connection to the innate human rights), but also something illegal.. you suppress and discriminate others, that’s a crime against freedom, read it in any constitutional book (if ever you still believe there should be laws to abide).. now what I’m saying is that please stop bashing and being close-minded people, thinking you have the better thought when actually, anyone can be right.. please don’t tell me a religious person haven’t achieved anything yet.. it goes for both.. so props to the one who conceptualized the whole “I can believe what I want to believe..” but shame on those extremist and those who forget they’re still talking to people and people have rights and people should be respected, regardless of who they are, what they believe, etc.. if someone believes that bashing me is good, I respect them.. but I guess I should return the favor as they think that action is respectful considering their own statures.. well, I just hope I made my point clear and just stop with the nonsense bashing and live your own beliefs.. and to those people who are consistent extremist, “we’ll be praying for you..” :)

    • gordon_uk says:

      “each person has a right to their own belief” – Agreed

      What they don’t have is a right to is,

      • To push that belief on to others
      • To push that belief in to our law
      • To push that belief in to our schools
      • Judge others by their beliefs
      • Exclude others due belief

      Now until the theists stop the above we will not stop fighting them!

      I have no qualms bashing someone’s beliefs if they are using them to justify something that I find morally reprehensible.


      • Atsap Revol says:

        Well said, Gordon_UK. “…A God that is loving and forgiving…” Yes, I would say that such a person is good regardless of religion, but I would also say that the person hasn’t read the OT.

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      Only 2 ways to prove Creationism that I can think of:

      1) Scientists find that all life everywhere came about in a single instant. Ooops – already disproved!
      2) God(s) appear and convince us that he/she/it/they were responsible. Good luck with that one.

      • BornSatanist says:


        1). Scientists don’t claim all life came about in a single instant, they claim all matter did – from the Big Bang, which has plenty of evidence to support it. Life came about when strands of RNA developed into DNA and eventually formed single-celled animals. Creation proof No.1 is invalid.

        2) …Not even a proof. God hasn’t come down and graced us with his prescence, nor ever will he, as he is imaginary. You’re citing the fact that God doesn’t appear to people as proof FOR his existence? Forgive me for saying that’s totally illogical.

        • B. says:

          If you read Mr/Mrs Marinaras post again, you’ll find that he was criticizing creationism, not advocating it. The irony didn’t twist around that far.

        • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

          You totally misread me, Born.
          1. I said many if not all Creationists claim life came about almost simultaneously. Really here you have 2 camps: the Young Earth Creationists who picture people riding dinosaurs (hoo boy!) and the saner ones who say God was responsible for bringing life along slowly. Maybe he didn’t have a plan.
          2. No, I’m saying God HASN’T show himself, casting doubts on his existence. Of course he wasn’t so shy in the Old Testament. But when he did show up, the smart people headed for shelter, ’cause he was a notorious smiter.

  2. idventurous says:

    hey. just wondering if i have to read all these posts to make up my mind about the FSM’s intentions or if i can just choose to believe? Cuz i want to believe? Enlighten me.

    • rigatoni says:

      did you not go to the “Join Us” page? you don’t have to read any posts. you want in, you’re in.

  3. Zaposlitev says:

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  4. Zaposlitev says:

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  5. Lillith says:

    My english comp teacher gave out copies of the Kansas School Board letter in class today, and I just had to check this out. Flying Spaghetti Monsters & Pirates. It’s kinda catchy. I’m not so sure I’ll be joining, as I perfer to keep my options open, but I’ll pass it on to a friend who might. But, I do respect the point you all are trying to make: “each to thier own, just don’t shove your beliefs down my throat (in fact, why not just keep them to yourself), and we’ll get along just fine”, and I do tend to agree with that.

    Just one question: Where’s the garlic bread? Shouldn’t the garlic bread have a say? I don’t know about you all, but anytime I’ve seen spaghetti (with or without meatballs) there’s always been garlic bread.
    BTW, anyone here think Johnny Depp might be FSM when he’s Jack Sparrow? Just wondering.

    • stylusmobilus says:

      Lillith the FSM encourages all types of garlic and herb breads when partaking of His Noodly Goodness. It doesn’t stop there; cakes of all varieties, many different sauces and a bounty of the worlds best beers await you as well. But don’t just give it all to your friend! Join us, along with all your friends, and you will surely be Covered in Sauce, and Touched by His Noodly Appendages!

      • Pastor di Semola de Grano Duro says:

        And remember Lillith, the FSM is quite satisfied with you keeping your options open. He will even let you worship other gods!

    • Keith says:

      There is a fundamental similarity between the FSM and Jack Sparrow. They are both consistently drunk. I think Jack Sparrow is always filled with the spirit of His Noodliness, in addition to other spirits. As with Patchy the Pirate, Painty the Pirate and Captain Pugwash, Jack Sparrow is a REAL pirate, so in effect he is an extension of the FSM.

      • Pastor di Semola de Grano Duro says:

        As was Black Sam Bellamy, a noble pirate who was faithful to his wench, and gave mercy to those he plundered. I believe the FSM would have cried when the Whydah met her sad fate. Yarrrrh, and raise a tankard to the memory of Black Sam Bellamy!

  6. Laura says:

    When people say they’ll pray for me I usually say:

    “COOL! Tell the big man I want a new Jeep Wrangler, soft top, in forest green!”

    Or whatever else I feel like I “need” at the time. Most people get the message.

  7. DarthFennec says:

    `I also hope that one day you might give God another chance.’
    It’s interesting how these people always automatically assume you used to be Christian, then turned away.

    This is why I turned away from Christianity: because every time I cared about someone enough to give a shit about their afterlife, I always ended up giving them a conversion speech like this one, even though I never actually meant to try to convert them. It’s sick, how that faith brainwashes you.

  8. Awebb says:

    We Erisians seldom pray, it is much too dangerous. Charles Fort has listed many factual incidences of ignorant people confronted with, say, a drought, and then praying fervently — and then getting the entire village wiped out in a torrential flood.

    • Keith says:

      I’m not challenging what you say but any particular book you were thinking of? I have his collected works and I’d love to look it up.

      • Not so hairless Ape says:

        I believe Awebb is referring to Eris, also known as Discord.

        • Keith says:

          I’m just interested in reading the incidents cited by Charles Fort. It might help me to actually read one of his books completely as I find his style difficult to wade through.

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