fsm is a way for him to make money

Published June 21st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

fsm is a way for him to make money all the things you see is just coincidense burn in hell im having spagetti for dinner suck on that


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  1. RAmener says:


  2. So_So_Man says:

    Good interpretation, TooferMan. The post makes a lot more sense now.

    Maybe they think we’re having too much fun reading their posts, carefully dissecting their arguments, and overwhelming them with logical and humiliating evidence.

    One more thing you should learn about the internet in general. If you don’t link to it, its BS.

  3. RastaPasta says:

    What have this people with “you should burn in hell” did they think it through ?

    Satan is the biggest enemy of god, right ?
    God rules all except that small corner which is hell = god have no freaking power there… ( even though he should be omnipotent but we are getting logic in to it so forget that ).
    As I was saying, by christian belief if you are against god ( sins, unbeliever etc…) you go to hell.. but in hell is Satan who is also enemy of god… so enemy of my enemy is my friend… why would Satan torch somebody who is on his side ? By the way we have only gods word how the hell look like, I don’t know that Satan published some book about hell so its kind one sided… so going to hell actually might not be that bad :)

    Oh I just remembered if you haven’t been baptized ( I’m not sure how is it called properly, that thing when they squirt some water over you and that you are… something ) you just end up in purgatory ( which is just some waiting room so you actually even cant get to that damn hell )


  4. Zingles says:

    You are having spaghetti for dinner? that sounds nice. I never thought we were discouraged to have pasta.

    Enjoy your meal.

  5. Jessica N says:

    Praise the FSM, he’s having spaghetti for dinner!! We LOVE that! I can’t believe you’re worshipping the FSM after you posted that horrid note. You were just messing with us weren’t you, you cheeky bugger? So why don’t YOU suck on that!

    But seriously, why are all the bigots so bad at spelling? I suppose ignorance spreads throughout your brain like a disease and eats away all your basic functions.


  6. Mojo says:

    Well I for one was happy to have money made out of me on behalf of the FSM, ‘s why I bought the gospel.

  7. plumberbob says:

    @ OckhamsRazor #52,

    On the Hate-Mail thread just following this one, Katie came back after I had commented to her at #22, and left a nice message, so all is not lost with all of these people.

    92 – Katie Harris – Jul 13th, 2009 .


  8. TheGavin says:

    Well, I for one have been thoroughly entertained by the art, photos, and literature that this great community generates, as well as having met some truly funny and wonderful people. Most people would charge for such an awesome website, but the Prophet gives us a place to congregate and share the beauty of his Noodley Goodness. Where’s the scam?

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