fsm is a way for him to make money

Published June 21st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

fsm is a way for him to make money all the things you see is just coincidense burn in hell im having spagetti for dinner suck on that


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  1. Tristan says:

    We want you to eat spaghetti, in that way you might be closer to the creator. Eating pasta is our equivalent to Catholics’ sacraments. Just some words from another Ziti Zealot.

  2. Sean Boyd says:

    The FSM revealed his gospel to us through Bobby (in paperback form, which is pretty cool), and proposes comparing how one fares as a result of taking Catholic communion (consuming 2300 calories of wafers and sacramental wine) versus taking Pastafarian communion (2300 calories of spaghetti and meatballs.) Only the most fervently opposed to the FSM could believe that Catholic communion would win here. The FSM wants us to enjoy spaghetti…why else would he make it so tasty?

  3. The Gremlin says:

    What? Of course this is a way to make money! So is writing a book! But one also writes a book for fun!
    Jeez, what an idiot…

  4. Mush says:

    Im eating the pope for dinner. suck on that

  5. arromazam says:

    If he makes any money at all, he certainly deserves it.
    and if this holly FSM gets to freak you out, better still
    religions are for suckers!!!!

    FSM Rules!!!!

  6. Brittni says:

    It’s a book intended to poke fun at xtians. People just think they take it seriously.


  7. chris says:

    Suck on that? suck on this tic-tac’s have only a half calorie per serving


  8. Dave says:

    I’m afraid that this poster has mixed up FSM with scientology. Whereas FSM actually has a legitimate concern with religion in schools, scientology is nothing more than a carefully regulated pyramid scheme.

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