FSM Eggs

Published June 16th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

A little late for Easter but I just found this picture on the internet and had to post it. These eggs were made by Pastafarian Jamie.

7 Responses to “FSM Eggs”

  1. Guilherme says:

    Another delicious mystery from FSM Almighty! nham nham…
    Makes me put an egg in my Pasta. Anyone tried it already?

    fraternal hugz

  2. Madden says:

    Bravo to whoever made these….

  3. lucus says:

    Madden, shouldn’t that be “whomever”?

    I bet those eggs taste scrummy, though!

  4. Sean Boyd says:

    Aarrgh…beautiful Pastover eggs they be!

  5. Thorum says:

    I believe!!

  6. Jamie McGinty says:

    THEYRE MY EGGS WOOT! Anyone can check my facebook for verification.

  7. yellow lab flag says:

    Good Examine and fascinating. Appreciate you taking the time in sharing these particulars. Thanks.

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