fsm car

Published June 18th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I just wanted to send along a picture of the new look for my car!

Keep up the good work.

FSM bless,


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  1. nun s equator says:

    ATTEMPT # 3,
    2 post a response; which on this display end,
    appeared 2 post, not in area i did press reply, 2 & showed up in separate area, instead.

    the other 2 replies (with this the 3rd ) showed up briefly here & on refreshing the screen, not present (other times, certain posts re appear, if this goes on elsewhere outside of this display, end, cannot say).

    U already have answers 2 the questions asked, b they correct or not, so my responding is not only pointless, but by design, as such.

    the goal would seem 2 b 2 always place me on the defensive, which is achieved.

  2. nun s equator says:

    mal, if u dont notice certain things happening 2 u, safe bet it isnt…happening, 2 u. implying that im not being subject 2 what i most certainly am places u in good company maybe, but does not make it not happening. moreover i m a thorn in numerous sides 4 reasons beyond my control…i m certain theres what amounts 2 a manual somewhere outlining how 2 make problems go away (me being 1 of numerous) 1 way, or another & just because i havent seen it personally i can attest 2 being skillfully dispensed with; whether thats done completely or effectively is all the same, in the end.

    I mean u no mal content, or maliciousness.
    Because its not known 2 b happening 2 u, does not = that its not, 2 me & i doubt im the only.

    some1 in the household is watching a movie & i just heard this:

    “…The Indians had it right, all along. They respected ghosts…u can’t 4get th past, any more than u can change, it”
    Jack Nicholson, in The 2 Jakes

    If i could, id go undo the accidents & injuries ive sustained & not bother responding 2 clearly baited statements…maybe in next, lifetime.

  3. nun s equator says:

    ‘MAL is correct.
    1.Posting incessantly about the issue is not going to resolve it’ says W.

    In some cases, th posts ive RESPONDED 2 have been either removed or, left in place but ALTERED & not only, here…& u r wrong concerning the intentions behind it, unless u propose 2 account 4 every1 with access, here. U mention ‘scientific evidence’ when we r discussibg electronic, FLEETING BLIPS. Shall i begin photographing the screenshots b4 & after, 4 that? Our device was, indeed HACKED & forensic ‘scientific’ EVIDENCE of OFFLINE abuse WAS REMOVED along with other, PRIVATE PHOTOS which r none of any1s place 2 distribute,nor alter. Ive been shown evidence of persons doing that-altering context & content of photos 4 NO valid reason, & CANNOT account 4 mine & have been thru ENOUGH crap, here UNWARRANTED without needing this worry ADDED on…i already mentioned it involved the POLICE.

    AS 4 my continuing 2 ‘incessantly’ post about this sort of violation, which is QUESTIONED, between this & SHUTTING UP as an alternate, looks like i m out of options, as ive explored both. Perhaps i should try pulling my hair out or maybe shooting self thru head, altho i have no gun, mal mentioned having 1 & not afraid 2 promote use of it, maybe he could lend me 1. ..i understand they r pretty effective if the 2 dead murder suicide victims we once knew r any evidence. WOW this sure is a FUNNY f-g site…just side splitting hilarity from 1 end 2 other.

    • nun s equator says:

      perhaps had god bothered 2 invent a recording device or 2 back ages ago, we would have less controversey over certain potentialities, now…as ive said b4, however, evidence can b tampered with & evidently, DISPOSED of without my permission…when u r not the authority, thats what goes on. ..4 YEARS. I will not miss this place. I m not speaking merely of a ‘website’.
      as ive also said b4, god if he exists must b a real chaos freak; & i m not speaking of a plate of sphagetti. IN FACT, i m not speaking @ all…i m poking @ imaginary keys on an imaginary f-g display…4 no valid end, like nothing ever is. Only evil gets rewarded; & i did not read this in the bible, nor hear it in temple where i have, gone (& am not ashamed 2 say it) on occasion. ..i have been SHOWN it, more & more. Good thing i never expected 2 b rewarded, or maybe id have amounted 2 the same. If i m discredited 2 the day i die, prob fairly soon if signs r correct, i know the truth even if it gets denied up 2 then & thereafter.

    • Mal says:

      Wow. Just wow. Trying to reason with you is like talking to a paranoid/schizophrenic brick wall of stupid. Seriously, if you honestly feel like you are under attack on this website, why stick around? I’m sure you have some aluminum foil hats you could be making instead.

      • nun s equator says:

        Wow. Just wow. Trying to reason with you is like talking to a paranoid/schizophrenic brick wall of stupid. Seriously, if you honestly feel like you are under attack on this website, why stick around? I’m sure you have some aluminum foil hats you could be making instead

        says mal.

        It is not limited 2 this site nor neccesarily online. I told u i had an assault involving police. It has forced me 2 contempl8 furthr y we have a group of agents above them going by the term ‘intelligence’…ive been LIED about, MAL, several times over, by now. Unless u r participating, or care 2, i suggest u keep such UNFOUNDED specul8n 2 urself. I m in a not good physical place currently, just awoke 5 am right arm numb, other issues, havng bad pain & am home alone, scared, spouse out of town. i m not imagining our device having been hacked & made devoid of a large portion of accumulated data.

        • tekhedd says:


          All we know about you is how you portray yourself in these comments. And you sound like a whiny, self-righteous martyr. A man is defined by his actions.

          You’re going to judge me by my words here, aren’t you? Good. My turn. GTG l8r ciao

        • Wayne says:

          Right. I’ve had a gutful. I have removed the two added-on, incoherent comments that were posted after this. I am tired of seeing the wall of unintelligible ramblings. My apologies if you are offended nun, but you have been warned twice and I don’t hand out third warnings.

        • nun s equator says:

          tekhedd says: January 27, 2012 at 1:08 PM


          All we know about you is how you portray yourself in these comments. And you sound like a whiny, self-righteous martyr. A man is defined by his actions.

          You’re going to judge me by my words here, aren’t you? Good. My turn. GTG l8r ciao

          I m not judging u, I do not understand this assessment.
          Really, so being physically hurt further by some1 in a position of authority whom had no right 2 behave this way, then my having evidence removed from our device remotely …which is a crime- this makes me by your estimation a martyr? Well, I m not &u ought not go around judging people in this way. If being a victim paints me as a martyr, it is unwanted 2 b a victim in the first place.

          Over the past few years for 1st time began acknowledging many of the backwards scary remarks made TWDS me unsolicited regarding my background, which I never made an issue of &never defended, against. I recognize I m not alone in that, but coming 2 him terms with it does not make me a martyr…I had photos some1brought 2 me of the death camps which I refused 2 examine. for yrs ….I was afraid the person whom gave them 2 me was expecting a discussion, or some insight I did not have. I try 2 make lite of things. 2 lessen their impact, but is only an attempt, because I still find it distressing…in a context where persons have made lite of it unsolicited, 2 me, for years & I said nothing. ..I m not perfect & dont know how 2 process it. I hardly feel this makes me a martyr 2 lean TWDS taking it seriously, because of the times I’ve been harmed in this world, I m foolish 2 not acknowledge part of my cultural history which has been forced on me on numerous occasions in contexts defined FOR me, instead of my putting it in2 context. ..4 myself. & don’t expect u 2 understand.

          But being intendedly cruel is not warranted.

          Nor useful.

        • The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says:

          nun, have you read Wayne’s post at January 27 11:41pm, if not please do so and take some notice of what he asks…PLEASE.

        • bruceo says:

          Can we please have a vote to get all the nun-sense “comments” removed? I vote yes.

      • The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says:

        Aluminum foil hats…brilliant!

        • nun s equator says:

          The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says: January 28, 2012 at 8:53 AM

          Aluminum foil hats…brilliant!

          Actually, thats fairly hackneyed. Everyone knows the trend is towards recycled aluminum foil yalmukes.

  4. nun s equator says:

    Applying an Occam’s razor principle to this situation, I find it much easier to believe this is a case of user error rather than a conspiracy to says MAL.

    What u find easy 2 believe & what IS seems 2 have crossed paths, then, because here i m @ the intersection…reminds me if the several ive been physically injured @…makes emotional injury look like a walk in the f-g park, that. SO, u would apply occams razor, 2 this? fascinating.i m realky glad u get 2 apply some if the stuff u have learned & that i m here 2 serve as some example…i have no idea what icxams razor is, i suspect u may have wanted the opportunity 2 surreptitiously bring up another suicide method 4 me 2 consider, guns came up on another board (well, u have it 4 personal protection, which u r bound by law 2 share)& now, we have razors…ive no idea, what occams razor is & even less of an interest, but almost certain it lacks application, here. Im fairly certain tho, that when i m dead, there will b a student @ the crematorium that f-ks up my cremation, but, its a LEARNING PROCESS, u must start somewhere, right?

  5. nun s equator says:

    The next step after naming someone crazy is inevitably to imply that any physical symptoms äre manifested emotionally, the whole hyster/woman connection is popular also & in my case entirely not true & unacceptable…just for the rec, what with all the educated, evolved peoples, around here, ought know better. I have nerve damage, found but that took alot of insistence on my part.

    What i said.

  6. nun s equator says:

    theFewtheProudtheMarinara says: January 27, 2012 at 6:58 AM

    I’ve been laying off, trying to be nice and giving you the benefit of the doubt, “nun”.

    NUN says:

    WELL…heres an A, for EFFORT.

    What can i say, that mustve been really challenging a task. You almost did lay off, but could not hold back.

    Blame it on the tide…that undertoe can be very powerful.

    We cannot all succeed,@ everything we set out to do…but, you gave it your best.

    Youre in good company & thats always nice.

    These are only a few things I could say…


  7. Thom says:

    So, how ’bout that car? :)
    Just so you guys know, it may be for sale soon!

  8. Apprentice Frederic says:

    @Nun, and – of course – I write only for myself: Your case is not merely “different” from BG (whose posts you’ll surely have seen), BG was in another realm altogether: he was the quintessence of smug, jeering, destructive malevolence. I – and I think other Communicants far braver and hardier than I in the face of BG’s attacks – see in you an unhappy and distressed soul in terrible need of help. Few or none of the posters here could possibly offer any meaningful help, even in an appropriate forum – which this ain’t. Bobby and Wayne are right. I hope many others will show their concern and urge you, as I do, to find someone you can trust as a counselor and therapist, either in some religious, university, or government help agency context. I hope your partner will be supportive and proactive and helpful.

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