fsm car

Published June 18th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I just wanted to send along a picture of the new look for my car!

Keep up the good work.

FSM bless,


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  1. Atsap Revol says:

    Nun, Wayne has decided not to totally block your posting, but you prefer deleting all your posts to just removing the pointless rambling ones. Here’s a solution that you both will think is OK. Just stop posting. Isn’t that simple?

    I’m sorry that your life is a mess, but what are you accomplishing posting here? You must gain some satisfaction from it or you wouldn’t do it. Here’s an alternative: start your own website. There you will be able to post as much and as often as you wish. You could even attract like-minded contributors who have similar mental and physical problems.

    Without malice, just tired of your incessant rambling and paranoia,
    Atsap Revol

    • The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says:

      Got to agree with Atsap, nun; your posts are a tiresome, repetitive, irrelevant pile of self pitying rubbish. Whether or not people believe your devices have been hacked is not the issue, the issue is whether or not people give a toss, and I for one don’t. No one here is responsible for any hacking that may or may not have taken place on your machine, so why keep whinging to us about it? No one here is responsible for your personal problems, nor are they able to help with them; why whinge about it here? You are totally inconsistent: you request that all your posts be removed and then when just a FEW are removed you bleat on about censorship! It must be becoming clear to you by now that you are a major irritation to a great many here so why don’t you listen to Atsap? If your posts are not getting to where you want them to go; don’t post, if you believe that your posts are being edited or changed; don’t post, if you think your posts are being intercepted by the Mother Ship; don’t post. I tell you what, just DON’T POST.

  2. SillyKiwiMan says:

    I’ve tried to ignore Nun for as long as she’s been posting, but I’ve come to the point where I feel I must weigh into this.

    For the love of pasta, boot her out. Even when she does make some small sense, it contributes nothing to our community. She’s using us all in place of the proper therapy she sounds like she needs. This is not a forum for navel-gazing crap. I’m almost put off these posts when I see all the new ramblings from Nun. We need to maintain a certain standard of conduct if we are to gain the credibility that we deserve.

    Get help, Nun, but get it somewhere else. We can’t help you.



    • Wayne says:

      SillyKiwiMan, and everyone

      The right and decision to remove a poster remains with the Prophet Bobby. Since it goes against the principles of the site to remove a contributor for posting confused and convoluted navel gazing crap, it is probably not in the best interests of the site as a whole to remove her ability to post in total.

      The standard of conduct we maintain, and the credibility associated with that, extends further than the abilities (or lack thereof) of a singular contributor. To quote Mal (FSM Car, 30/1/12 @ 11.36am) it also extends to free and open discussion. I have begun to remove the more irrelevant, repetitive and self deprecating posts she is putting up, and will continue to do so.

      • The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says:

        Wayne, while I agree with the principles of the site (in principle), I honestly think that it is NOT in the best interest of the site that she DOES continue to post, and the reasons are as follows; before nun started posting there was a rush of new posters to the site and the exchanges were stimulating and fast moving. Pretty much all of them no longer post, and I’m not talking just about the odd once only poster, but the likes of sky, wench melody, gordon uk and a host of others that we no longer see posting here. We now no longer see new posters and have lost virtually all the names that had become our congregation except the more devoted Pastafarians such as Atsap, Mal, theFewtheProud, Drained, Puppygoogoo et al, and arguably new blood and continued support is the lifeblood of any website. The CotFSM has, and continues although to a lesser extent now, done a great deal of good and we thank the Prophet Bobby for that, but Bobby and the Church can’t survive on good intentions alone and we who remain can only buy so many T-shirts. (No offense meant Bobby)
        I’m fully convinced that the poor state of the community as it is now is a direct result of nun’s posts and that the situation will persist, as will she. This is just my view you understand, but we will never have any credibility all the time that visitors to the site are faced with a wall of garbage; I realize that you are working on that problem but you would have to work full time to stop it appearing at all and that would of course be impossible.

        I don’t envy you this job Wayne and:

        May the Sauce be with you

        The Reverend

        ps. Nice to see you too are hanging in there SillyKiwiMan.

        • Wayne says:

          Rev Toni

          I understand, and certainly see your point. I agree when you say that it may have put some regulars off and perhaps a few newbies.

          All I can ask at this point to all of you- don’t let her keep you away from your Church. I don’t have right of removal- that remains the preserve of Bobby. Be assured however that I will not allow her to put up her wall of rubbish.

          If we endured BG, we can endure this.

          Thanks for your understanding. I enjoy the job, it is a great way to make a real contribution to the CotFSM. Circumstances prevent me at this point in my life to contribute in other ways, and doing this more than makes up for it.

          Pesto Be Upon Us All!

        • Gordon_UK says:

          Hi Reverend

          I’ve not gone completely.

          I would have to agree with you with regards to Nun, we have had the likes of SoG, BG, etc but none have been as successful as Nun at disrupting the site. Where with SoG I always felt he honestly thought he was trying to ‘save us’ and BG I had visions of him in a darken room screening at his monitor (which amused me) but with Nun it seems like a calculated attempt to stifle debate here. I see nothing in Nun’s posts which indicates there is a genuine want to communicate / debate with us.

          Unless she/he/other is stopped from posting I cant see nothing improving.

          The other reason I’m not as regular as I once was is the lack hate mail, the last hate mail was the 12th August 2011. Now I know some felt that is was just a good way to have a cheep shot at the religious but quite often it would spark a debate which would often end up being entertaining and educational (well for me at lest).

          Well that’s my two pence!



        • SillyKiwiMan says:

          I’d just like to see some good ‘ol fashioned trolling from a shit-stirrer, or a genuine but misguided attempt to “save” us all, or some spotty teenager simply trying to be a wanker. Anything but “LOOK AT ME! PITY ME! WHATEVER YOU DO IN HERE, IT’S ALL ABOUT ME” whiny, but mostly, nonsensical shit. Worst thing of all, is that Nun has us giving her that attention inadvertantly after all…

          Come back Gib Yug, all is forgiven.

          (Not really, you’re still an arse)



      • Atsap Revol says:

        Hi Gordon, We missed you. Welcome back. Surely the Good FSM soon will bless us with some nourishing hate mail that will revive our languishing spirits.

        Jeez, SoG. You have been hanging out here for a while, Gordon. You may even remember another regular Pastafarian poster, Wench Nikkee (sp?). Guess she’s devoting full time to the bio lab these days.

        Happy Marinara to you,

  3. tekhedd says:

    I have been resisting adding to this conversation because it would be nice if the endless rambling topic would just die. But I can no longer resist: The truth is that after all this time, I still love the graphic on that car!

    (Also, Wayne, would you please stop hacking your way in to my computer monitor and adjusting the brightness? I like to keep the overhead light off and I keep the monitor at a dimmer setting on PURPOSE. OK?)

    • Wayne says:


      Damn, you busted me tek. But I can’t stand it, I just HAVE to fiddle with the brightness on your monitor, and my life would not be the same without messing with your overhead light…

      • Keith says:

        Does that mean you were also responsible for my car not starting yesterday? Bet you can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel bars with your bare hands, and who, disguised as…… :-)

        • ROBIN says:

          Keith, you have stumbled on the truth. Wayne is his last name…his first name is Bruce. With the Batputer, he can hack your computer, your car or your microwave. He has god-like powers second only to the FSM. Tread lightly, you miscreants.

          Dick Grayson

        • Wayne says:

          Well I WAS trying to keep it all a secret like Superman and Spidey does but ROBIN has just blown it all.

          Yes Keith. I shorted your solenoid by telekinesis, and you will also find that I was able to gum up your spark plugs through the same method.

          Sorry mate, I’ll try and fix it for you tonight.

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