banana split

Published June 23rd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Hello, I’m Mexican and I was finding very funny the FSM page, but when I turned my eyes to the emty dish of my banana split, I can´t believe it but I found that his noodlyness show me the truth about the universe.

Since now, I will be a pastafarian.


Pastafarian Cesar.

10 Responses to “banana split”

  1. Pastafarian Kim says:

    Praise be to the complex carbohydrate god. Clearly he has touched your heart with his noodly appendage.

  2. Iron Mike says:

    Welcome, Cesar.

  3. lucusfsm says:

    Hey, Cesar. I like your style of English- very foreign ;)
    Don’t worry, we’re not like the Mexican-hating Christians. Welcome abord, me harty!

  4. marilu says:


  5. Sean Boyd says:

    There is no way that could be coincidence, may His Noodles be praised!

  6. Frank Vickers says:

    This is enough for me. And it is very beautiful to behold. Who could fail to be convinced? Muchas Gracias, Cesar!

  7. Jessie Wengert says:

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  8. abortion clinic daytona beach florida says:

    Woah! I couldn’t have said that better if I tried LOL. I totally dig your writing skills and your blog! Please do keep up the excellent work!

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