you bunch of clowns…

Published May 4th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson bunch of clowns..where in the ass-backward world did you get all shit..i think you’ll go hand to hand with all this stupid fundamentalist cum delusional sick which abounds in today’s world..i’m still sane..are you.

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  1. harddirt says:

    If you WERE still sane you wouldn’t be able to write such a poor expression of your lack of understanding.

  2. PastaFaZoo says:

    While your state of sanity may be in question, one thing is clear: you are drunk out of your mind.

    Possibly on red wine. Which as all Pastafarians know, goes exceptionally well with pasta.

  3. Tom Anderson says:

    I’m not entirely sure if I am sane, actually, but I damn well know you’re not. The only person who knows he’s not mad is a madman.

  4. Insightful Ape says:

    Arrrgh, Karlitz, ye still sane, ye say? Arrrgh, yer post say not. Ye be walking the plank before sunroise.
    Pass the grog, mateys.

  5. Redbeard says:

    Upon what, exactly, are you basing your self-diagnosis of sanity? It’s just that all of the evidence you’ve presented to us suggests the opposite. Well, either that or you’re a moron.


  6. Antonio says:

    It seems that sanity comes with a high degree of anger and hatred towards things that are beyond common understanding, expressed in terrible grammar. No wonder why insane people are happier and harmless…

  7. Amused says:

    Oh! He meant “cum” in Latin, not in lower-English!

    I still like the use of “sick” as a noun, though. “… hand in hand with all this stupid fundamentalism (which turns into) delusional sick which abounds…”

    Delusional Sick sounds like either a really bad band name or an exotic ethnic dish.

  8. Nangleator says:

    Illiteracy is a terrible thing. Won’t you help?

    I like the period/ellipses fusion thing. It’s very space efficient.

    This alignment of words: “all this stupid fundamentalist cum delusional sick” seems odd. Just try to imagine someone saying this sentence. (I actually think the word “cum” isn’t being used like a typical Xtian hate-mailer would use it, but I could be wrong.)

    That last declarative sentence, “Are you,” seems too zen for hate mail.

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