you bunch of clowns…

Published May 4th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson bunch of clowns..where in the ass-backward world did you get all shit..i think you’ll go hand to hand with all this stupid fundamentalist cum delusional sick which abounds in today’s world..i’m still sane..are you.

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  1. Stephan says:

    Snarky reply not found, please give me time whilst I figure out what the fuck you just said.

  2. Ron says:

    Is this a hate-mail, or a plea for help? I’m not sure.
    FYI, Karlitz, it’s when you stop questioning your sanity that it starts slipping away. I’d be worried, if I were you…

  3. Left Of Sean says:

    Wow, what a well thought out retort to this website. Your intelligence is astounding as well as your ability to actually write a sentence and put together an intelligent thought.

    Any newspaper or online publication would be chomping at the bit to hire you as an editorial writer.

  4. son of the ugly one says:

    you may think that you are sane (based on your letter I have doubts) but you can’t recognize a spoof site when you see one. So who are you to put us down as being delusional?

  5. Plague Chicken says:

    I think you need to work on coherence. I think I understand you, but am not sure. If you are suggesting that the Noodly Adherents are here to battle the forces of fanaticism and fundamentalist religious outlooks, then you are correct. The world is indeed ass-backwards, which is why it is important to spread the word of the Noodly One.

    PS – you might try _READING_ the ‘about’ tab. That may just answer your most pertinent questions. Just saying…


  6. David J says:

    Dude, learn to use a question mark. I can’t tell if you’re asking a question or making a statement.

    Did you mean “hand in hand”? If so, then yes, we DO go with it quite well. That’s the whole point. Our church comes from the same line of logic and reasoning on which the Christian Church is based.

  7. Dusty says:


  8. Pastafarian Mulvihill says:

    Someone has had enough of his noodelyness’s divine pasta dishes

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